Top 5 Tips To Feel More Stylish And Confident In 2013

//Top 5 Tips To Feel More Stylish And Confident In 2013

If you asked a cross-section of women what they would like to achieve on a personal level in 2013, the chances are that a large number of them will say that they would like to be more confident.  In many respects, confidence is closely linked to style. Whether looking stylish breeds confidence or being confident boosts your style is open to debate. We looked at five quick tips that women everywhere can easily action, and see instant style and confidence improvements that will boost them for the year ahead.


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What to Wear

Stylish garments like a kaftan dress are perfect for achieving our dual aim of looking and feeling amazing. Although they are a traditional style of Islamic dress that are predominantly worn by Muslim women, there is no doubt that the fashion, as well as functional value that they hold, can be enjoyed by females from all cultures.

Wearing a kaftan enables women to look and feel great, whether in a formal or casual setting and enjoy a comfortable, functional garment that allows them to go about any task in their lives.

Exercise (if only a little!)


While most people understand the value of exercise, not everyone wants to pound the treadmill in the gym for hours at a time. Let’s be honest, there are fewer things in the world that are more boring!

However, even taking a half-hour walk every day, for example, will have great health benefits that will immediately translate themselves into instant style and confidence.

Making Up


Many women cite the wearing of makeup as something they do to boost self-confidence. Turn that around in 2013, and look to wear fewer cosmetic products when you head out to work or into town. If you can master the natural look this year your confidence levels will be transformed, and your ability to look stylish in any given situation will benefit hugely because of this.

Be You


Are you one of the millions of people around the world who finds themselves dressing in a way they find uncomfortable, just to conform to something you don’t necessarily agree with?

Make this year the one when you discover yourself, and feel the power of looking amazing and feeling even better wearing the clothes you want to.

Look at Your Hair


Does your hair leave you hamstrung on a daily basis because there is only really one thing you can do with it? If that is the case, look to change up your style this year, so you have a multitude of options when it comes to styling your hair.

Not only will this make you feel great, it’s convenient for those mornings when you indulge in an extra few minutes in bed, too.

This is an article written by Aisha Malik from Islamic clothing company AAB Collection. Kaftan dresses are among the most popular items stocked by Aab Collection and are great for feeling stylish and confident at all times.


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