Top 10 Fashion Gifts for the Stylish Guy (That Won’t Break the Bank)

//Top 10 Fashion Gifts for the Stylish Guy (That Won’t Break the Bank)
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More than half of all Americans got a gift they disliked during the 2017 holiday season. Nearly 37% of them kept their lame gifts while a brave 2% had the gall to give the gifts back. The rest either returned, regifted, donated, or even threw them away.

Want to avoid being a bad gift-giver this holiday season? Are you already looking for Christmas gift ideas to get for the man in your life?

If your guy dresses with style and knows all the latest fashion trends, this article is for you. Read on for 10 fashion gift ideas for the stylish guy.

1. A Stylish Watch

A watch can add instant style to any outfit. And, it looks cooler to check your watch for the time than checking your phone every 20 minutes.

If your guy is always late, a watch can help him keep track of his time and stay on schedule.

There are many different types of watches out there: Mechanical, Quartz, Automatic. You can find the perfect watch to suit his personality.

2. Sneakers

Who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of sneakers? If your guy is a sneaker collector, you can find a unique pair to add to his collection. If he’s a runner, get him a pair of running shoes since they can wear out quickly.

For the classic look, every man should own a pair of all-white sneakers. They coordinate well with any look.

3. A Subscription Box

Does your guy like fun surprises? You can get him a subscription box of goodies tailored to what he likes.

There’s a reason why subscription box businesses experienced an 800% growth from 2014-2017. There are subscription boxes for just about any niche.

If he likes to change up his style, you can get him a subscription box of clothing.

If he’s growing out his beard, you can get him a subscription box of grooming and skincare items. There are even subscription boxes for men’s socks. If he has gourmet taste, get him a coffee subscription box or a fancy chocolate subscription box.

4. Sunglasses

Did he lose his last pair of sunglasses? Maybe it’s time to get him a new pair.

These days round frames are trending and go well with both casual or formal wear. They also add a vintage look to any outfit. Another vintage look is the wayfarer style.

Does your man want a unique sunglasses style? You can get him a pair of mirror glasses. If your guy is into a more modern aesthetic you can get him D-frame sunglasses.

5. A Trendy Blazer

In the battle between the blazer vs sport coat, the blazer wins hands down. It’s less casual than a suit but more formal than a sport coat.

Blazers are a versatile, must-have item for any fashionable man. You can get him a classic navy blazer. He can dress it up with dress pants or keep it casual with jeans.

If you know your man’s particular style, you can have the blazer customized. You can choose the cut and design. You can also customize the linings, buttons, and thread colors.

6. A Backpack

Want to help your guy keep his stuff together–literally? A backpack is a great gift idea.

We’re not talking about the bulky backpacks you wore in high school. We’re talking a stylish, adult backpack. You can get a backpack with different compartments to help your guy organize his stuff.

If your guy likes to bring his laptop everywhere, you can get a backpack with a compartment for his laptop. This way, he won’t need to carry around his laptop in a separate case.

7. A Warm Scarf

Want to keep your guy cozy this winter? Get him a soft, warm scarf.

There are different types of scarves to buy. If your guy is into winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, you can get him a sports scarf to help him keep warm in the cold weather.

For a more luxurious feel, you can get him a cashmere or alpaca scarf. As for colors, you can’t go wrong with a plaid scarf.

8. Comfy Pajamas

You know what’s underrated? A set of quality pajamas. Ones that don’t have mystery stains and are not fraying at the ends.

If your guy likes to dress stylishly during the day but at night throws on any raggedy t-shirt and sweats, it’s time for new pajamas.

For the stylish guy who has it all, get him a set of pajamas to help him get some quality sleep.

9. A Wallet

Does your guy like to store all his things in his pockets? A new, slim wallet is exactly what he needs.

Some wallets can be too bulky and thick. Get your guy a thin one that holds all his key items.

10. A Soft Sweater

A sweater is one of the best gift options for the chilly weather.

If your guy likes layering and gets warm easily, you can get him a cardigan sweater. Another sweater that is great for layering is a v-neck sweater. A fitted v-neck sweater looks great over a dress shirt.

If your guy has a bold sense of style, you can get him a turtleneck sweater.

Choosing the Best Fashion Gifts

When choosing the best fashion gifts for your man, it’s not just about the price tag. It’s about you putting in the effort to get him something related to his interests, and that’s something he will appreciate.

For more gift-buying ideas, check out our lifestyle blog.

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