Top 10 Fabulous Interior Design Ideas for a Mediterranean Style Home

//Top 10 Fabulous Interior Design Ideas for a Mediterranean Style Home
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Do you dream of days that could be spent on the Mediterranean? Long walks on the beach looking out at the deep blue ocean with a glass of wine in hand?

Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, Greece, and Spain, are often used for inspiration in Mediterranean-styled homes. These homes are full of nature, organic fabrics, and other creative interior design ideas that promote relaxation.

So, while we may not be able to get you to the Mediterranean, we can help you find a way to bring it into your own home.

Keep reading to discover 10 fabulous and creative interior design ideas for Mediterranean homes.

Think Past the Beach

It might be tempting to include all the typical beachy motif but try to limit your clutter.

Beach-themed homes are often adorned wall-to-wall with seashell-themed decor and beachy wall hangings. You might find bowls of seashells on the coffee table and signs saying “let’s hit the beach” or “the beach is my happy place” in every room.

Mediterranean interior design often deters from an overload of beachy decor in favor of unique design aspects embedded into the structure. Now, that’s not to say you can’t have your bowl of seashells or beach wall hanging but try to limit the clutter in your Mediterranean home.

Be Inspired by Nature

When starting the design process, think open and fresh. Mediterranean homes often focus on light, fresh colors, and organic items.

When choosing your decorations, go natural. This can include some beach decor, like starfish or seashells, but also consider some more creative interior design ideas, like terracotta pottery, stones, or carved-wood decorations.

Use Natural Colors

When designing your Mediterranean home, be sure to let nature inspire your color palette as well. Many Mediterranean homes concentrate on blues, browns, and whites.

That doesn’t mean you can play around a little. Lavender, lime, coral, and yellow are often used as accent colors to help brighten up a room and add a more playful feel.

Include Rustic Accents

Another way to bring nature into the home is to use rustic accents.

Exposed wooden beams are a great way to incorporate the creative interior design ideas of Mediterranean homes without adding unnecessary clutter.

If exposed wooden beams aren’t your thing, that’s okay. You can also bring rustic accents into your home in the form of rustic mirrors, picture frames, and furniture.

Opt for Wooden Furniture

Furniture makes up a giant part of your home’s ascetic, so it’s important to choose the right furniture to go with your new creative interior design ideas.

Wooden furniture is often a great choice for Mediterranean homes as the organic material helps to accent the natural feel that Mediterranean homes circulate around.

But no two kinds of wood are the same. Dark woods often bode well with more rustic-leaning Mediterranean homes while lighter woods can go better if your home has a more soft, beachy feel.

Allow Natural Light in with Soft Curtains

One of the best ways to help open up a room and make it feel warm and peaceful is to get as much natural light in as possible.

Consider installing large windows or sliding glass doors to get more light into your home. Even some simple changes, like changing the curtains can make a big difference.

Get rid of those heavy or dark-colored curtains. Replace them with something softer. Light colored or sheer curtains are a great way to let light in and help soften a room.

Embrace Patterns

When Mediterranean homes aren’t focusing on bringing nature in, they’re trying to express themselves with vivid and playful patterns.

Patterns can be adorned on curtains, throw pillows, blankets, or anything else you can think of. There’s no limit to what can be patterned in a Mediterranean home.

There’s also no limit to what pattern you can use. Some homes favor fun, geometric patterns while others sway to natural patterns, like flowers, leaves, or seashells.

Experiment with Mosaics

Some of the most iconic and creative interior design ideas that Mediterranean homes incorporate are done through using mosaics.

Mosaics open up unlimited possibilities. Some homes focus on deep blues and greens to mimic the colors of the ocean, others use tans and browns to stick with a more rustic feel, and some use bright reds and yellows to pull in a Moroccan feel.

Remember when we said anything could be patterned in a Mediterranean home? Well, that’s true from mosaics as well. Many people chose to incorporate a geometric or nature-inspired pattern in their mosaics.

But if you’re looking for a more subtle touch, simple mosaics have a place in Mediterranean homes too.

So where can you use mosaics? Kitchen backsplashes, mirrors, pool decks, and inside shower stalls are just a few possibilities.

Try Textured walls

Much like exposed wooden beams and mosaics, textured walls help to decorate a Mediterranean home without causing clutter.

So how do you achieve this coveted look? Visual depth is often created by layering paint and glaze onto walls.

But, it doesn’t have to end with walls. Ceilings can also be textured to add some extra interest.

Play with Shapes

Some of the creative interior design ideas in Mediterranean homes are better accentuated with some architectural changes.

High ceilings help to create an open feel that many Mediterranean homes strive towards.

If you can’t raise your ceilings, don’t fret. There are still some things you could do.

Boring, square windows can be replaced with arched or circular windows. And while you’re changing your windows, you should consider making them bigger as well. With natural light being such a big part of Mediterranean homes, large windows aid in creating the right feel.

Creative Interior Design Ideas for Mediterranean Homes

You don’t have to live in the Mediterranean to mimic the feel in your very own home.

Natural light, patterns, textured walls, and natural accents are just a few of the things you can incorporate when designing your Mediterranean home.

Still, want more? Check out our other blog posts for more home design ideas.

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