These Are the Yoga Pant Outfits You Can Totally Wear to Work

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Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

One of the best fashion trends to come out of recent years is the slow but steady blend of formal and casual pieces. Kicks are a mainstay at black-tie events, graphic tees are high art, and yoga pants are perfect office attire.

What makes athleisure so suited for work as well as working out, is the comfort that comes with it. When you’re working long hours in a high-stress job, being comfortable in your clothes can help you stay focused.

That said, if you walk into your office wearing the same outfit you wore to your yoga class that morning, you’re probably going to get a few weird looks.

Need a few ideas on how to blend your work attire with your athleisure?

Here are five gorgeous and comfortable ideas for yoga pant outfits.

The Oversized Sweater Look

The oversized sweater is the ultimate secret weapon of the fashion world.

A large sweater walks the line between comfort and class with ease and is perfect for everything from a red-eye flight to a cocktail party. That said, you can’t wear an oversized sweater by itself!

While regular tights can act as a match for an oversized top, they come with some pretty glaring risks. This is where yoga pants come in.

Yoga pants feature the perfect slim fit for oversized sweaters while maintaining coverage and support. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about any pesky waistband rolling!

Dress Them Up!

Got a super cute dress that’s maybe a little too short to wear to work? Pair them with your favorite pair of yoga pants!

Like with oversized sweaters, yoga pants are a perfect alternative to tights that are better suited for long term wear.

Matching yoga pants with a dress is the ultimate way to make them look a little more formal. All the while giving you the freedom to rock a mini no matter where you work.

Bust out a Blazer

Nothing says business like a blazer. Try paring your yoga pants with a simple, flowy top and your favorite blazer and voila! You’ve got an office-ready outfit that’s business on top and total comfort on the bottom.

Go Long

The key to getting away with wearing yoga pants to work is disguising the fact that they are yoga pants.

While oversized sweaters and dresses are fantastic ways to conceal logos and waistbands, they aren’t the only way. A long, flowy top or colorful kimono can also hide the fact that you’re sporting athleisure in the workplace.

Whether you want to rock a vest or breeze in wearing a duster, as long as you’re drawing attention away from your pants the possibilities are endless.

Get Higher

When people think of yoga pants, high heels aren’t generally involved.

That said, there’s no better way to completely disguise your yoga pants than topping off your look by adding a few extra inches to your feet.

Heels can instantly dress up any outfit. An old pair of jeans or a ratty t-shirt dress can become a high fashion moment with the right pair of shoes.

As anyone who has ever worn heels knows, high heels alter the way you stand and hold yourself. They give your posture a boost and make you look more confident, which is all you need when you’re trying to hide your yoga pants.

Work Ready Yoga Pant Outfits

Anyone who says yoga pants aren’t appropriate for the workplace has probably never worn any.

There’s no better way to stick it to those naysayers than by strutting into your office looking like you run the place while wearing yoga pants.

With these ideas yoga pant outfits, you’ll be able to add your comfiest piece of athleisure to your work wardrobe seamlessly.

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