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Did you become a nurse or a doctor for the stylish scrubs?

Yeah, probably not.

We all know there’s nothing contradictory about looking fantastic while doing an honorable job. So, why have you been wearing faded, ill-fitting scrubs that feel like slouchy pajamas?

Seriously, why?

Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive! There’s a way out of your scrub fashion rut, and you’ve finally found it with designer scrubs.

Though slightly more expensive than traditional scrubs, these are something you’ll want to invest in! And even if they aren’t for you, there are ways you can dress up your scrubs and look more stylish at work.

After some tips to styling your scrubs, we’ll cover the benefits you’ll reap from donning polished scrubs. Lastly, we’ll finish up with how to shop for them. Let’s begin!

Fit Comes First

Drawstrings and excess fabric can be tricky, at best.

Baggy scrubs aren’t the only culprit. Tight or thin, overly worn scrubs run the risk of an unwelcome window to what’s underneath.

Here’s the thing – scrubs are made to be easy to clean, highly identifiable, and cut to allow free range of motion. These are non-negotiable. But selecting scrubs based on quality, measurement, and a general understanding of the biggest scrub don’ts are the first keys to success.

Remember, proper fit is truly the foundation of both function and style. If your scrubs are falling down, revealing too much, or generally wrong for your body type, you’re not likely to rock them with the style and confidence you crave.

And that would be sad, right?

Let’s move on to color.

Color Is Key

There’s no shortage of colorful and loud scrub choices out there. Cartoon characters, palm trees, multi-colored hearts, and puppies are great if you work in pediatrics. But if not? Not so much.

Know your audience! It matters what patients think. A general rule of thumb is to stay professional, using patterns sparingly and when appropriate.

What colors should you wear? That’s the easy part!

You know that the time-tested classics, like black, white, beige, and the blues, never go out of style and always looks upbeat. Solid yellow or pink also looks polished and adds color to your routine.

If you do go the way of a pattern, however, consider pairing it with a solid on the opposing top or bottom, and select a look that reflects your role.

That’s it! Following these simple color guidelines will ensure you look like you’re wearing designer scrubs during every shift.

The Perils of Over Accessorizing

You’ve likely noticed that it’s super difficult to perform even the most basic of tasks while wearing excessive jewelry.

Just in case you haven’t, though, you should reconsider overshadowing your designer scrub collection with too much or too flashy jewelry.

If you aren’t sure how much jewelry is too much, consider the general rule that smaller is better with scrubs, and three pieces at a time are more than sufficient. As long as you stay within that range and keep your look professional, you can start to incorporate some of the latest accessory trends.

There are multiple benefits to weaning off jewelry while at work. For instance, you can extend rotation time between pieces and find new ways to mix and match. That way, you don’t wear all your jewelry at once.

The “less is more” approach applies to all accessories, by the way – shoes, glasses, lanyards, sweaters. Always remember that your tailored, quality scrubs are the main event.


You know that having dedicated clothes for work limits the chances that patients will be exposed to the everyday germs lurking on “street” clothing. This means that you probably wash your scrubs often, and over washing can wreak havoc on cheaply made fabric.

Quality scrubs stand up to wear and tear better, lasting longer and retaining their new look longer. Since skipping washes is a big no-no, the better option is to buy the better pair in the first place.

Benefits of Being Well-Dressed

There are many reasons why you’ll jump for joy at the benefits associated with buying designer scrubs.

When you dress for the job in style, you’ll do the following:

Increase Your Confidence

Dressing for success actually brings more success. Fancy that!

Change your clothes, change your attitude! Confidence can go by the wayside when working 12-hour shifts and juggling the stresses of work and home.

The little things you do for yourself, including designer scrubs, can go a long way in boosting your confidence for good.

Spend Less Time Getting Dressed

Avoid the panic that comes with running late and trying to find something to wear that feels good.

That way, you spend more time sleeping in!

Give Professional Vibes to Patients

Patients are trusting you with their health in situations that may leave them vulnerable. Your designer scrubs and polished look will help them to trust in you, putting their mind at ease when they see that you have your act together.

Imagine having blood drawn, heading into surgery, or being administered medication by someone who’s fidgeting with their clothes or is generally a mess. Not good!

Get Noticed by Supervisors and Peers

Like it or not, we are initially judged on how well we are put together. Get noticed and pave the way to making great first impressions!

If you wouldn’t want your supervisor to see you in it, you shouldn’t want your patients to, either.

Enjoy the Comfort of Quality

It’s hard to focus while constantly tugging at your clothing. Scrubs are supposed to be comfortable, not awkward. Quality fabric also means trusting that the color of your undergarments will remain a mystery.

Additionally, you’ll spend less money replacing threadbare scrubs.

Perform Better

Wondering how so many benefits can come from something as easy as wearing polished, designer scrubs?

Think about your coworkers. Are there any that are consistently put together and well groomed with flattering scrubs? Does the way they dress mirror their work ethic or reputation?

It’s highly likely. It’s also likely that they move through their day with confidence.

After all, what you wear can change how well you perform. They may be humble (hopefully), but don’t be fooled – they probably put a good deal of effort into their stylish look.

Men, you’re not off the hook here. This study shows that well-dressed men have an advantage over their mismatched peers.

So, now you know the rules and the underrated benefits of following them. Next, we’ll show you how to shop for those stellar scrubs.

Shopping for Designer Scrubs

What a bonus, now you get to go shopping!

First things first, get rid of scrubs that check any of the following boxes, stat!

  • Torn
  • Dirty or stained
  • Too big
  • Too small
  • Faded
  • Overly patterned or dated
  • Too long
  • Too short
  • Anything you don’t feel great in

Next, figure out how many sets you need. If you’re not able to replace everything at once, no worries. You can always start by replacing one or two pairs at a time.

Buy Designer Scrubs & Donate to a Good Cause

Once you know what you need, figure out a budget and what you are able to spend. Designer scrubs don’t have to cost a fortune, and most don’t.

For example, Blue Sky Scrubs offer high-quality scrubs at prices that won’t break your budget. Not to mention, they’re also a fair trade company that donates to citizens in Malawi. So, while you help save lives at work, the money you spend on your scrubs will go to people in need! Cool, right?

Planning Your Work Wardrobe

If you find a fit that you love, it’s wise to stick with it. Just like the perfect pair of jeans or a favorite pair of shoes, it’s helpful to buy a pair of designer scrubs in every color and call it a day.

That doesn’t mean you can’t keep adding to your scrub wardrobe. Light jackets and mix-and-match pieces can be brought in to add variety. Plus, you’ll avoid feeling like you wear the same thing every day, which is a big plus when you have a set uniform of sorts.

Also, never underestimate the power of wearing the perfect lingerie under your scrubs. The fit and feel of your undergarments are just as important as their outer counterparts.

Lastly, once you have your new scrubs, learn how to organize your wardrobe. Someone could have the grandest wardrobe in the world and still have difficulty getting ready on time if they can’t find anything. Staying organized at home also helps carry over the good habit to the workplace.

Ready to Be a Scrub Fashionista?

You now have everything you need to enjoy the benefits of being well-dressed in your designer scrubs. You know that quality is essential and goes hand-in-hand with fit, color, accessories, and cleanliness.

The benefits are clear and you’re going to thank yourself when that first compliment comes in! Lastly, you know how to shop, what to look for, and how to stay organized so that getting ready for work is a breeze.

Craving more ideas on how to look your best? Visit our Beauty Blog for all the tips and trends you’ll need to be a fashionista at work.

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