The One Guide You Need to Learn How to Rock a One-Piece Swimsuit

//The One Guide You Need to Learn How to Rock a One-Piece Swimsuit
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Almost 80% of women wish to be five pounds lighter before bikini season hits. Despite spending most of their time toning their midriffs, more than half of women say that they hate their abs. Hate them.

What if bikini season was a thing of the past? It can be! Pledge your allegiance to the humble one-piece swimsuit instead.

The market for one-piece suits is on the rise. Last year there were 20% more one-piece suits available online than the year before.

If you want in on that action, check out our guide to rocking the one piece.

Learn Your Body Type

There are a handful of different body types, and they affect which suits are more flattering for your figure. Learn your body type before you go swimsuit shopping, and you’ll know what to look for.


The hourglass-shaped girl has those classic, coveted curves. Her smaller waist is accented by a bigger bust and wider hips. It’s more about proportions than it is about size.

Maximize your bust with a sexy one piece swimsuit.

Suits with underwire will provide extra support for daring cleavage. Belted suits highlight your waist. Even a suit with a flirty skirt detail that hits at the hip will emphasize your curvy shape.


A girl with a rectangle shape has a straighter, more athletic torso. Shoulders, waist, and hips are all about the same size.

Give the illusion of curves or embrace your sporty strength.

Horizontal stripes mimic movement, while ruching and ruffles change your silhouette. Boy cut suits make a wider line along the hips. Try an asymmetrical black one-piece swimsuit that arcs above your chest to add contour to your bustline.

Mix up the elements for something that complements your style and your body.


Pear-shaped girls carry most of their weight in their hips and thighs. Their bodies taper toward the top, like the shape of a pear. Suits that draw the eye upward help balance proportions. A push up one piece swimsuit will help emphasize your decolletage.

Pick a suit that is patterned on top but solid on the bottom. Stripes, polka dots, and floral patterns are all eye-catching. Be bold.


Another nod to fashionable fruit, the apple-shaped girl will have wider shoulders than hips. Her breasts and stomach will have a similar profile.

Skip skimpy straps and opt for suits that provide more support up top. Wrap tops and tank top straps are more becoming than spaghetti straps and make room for padding and underwires.

A high cut one-piece swimsuit emphasizes your legs. Ruching and draping in the midsection will help define your waist while disguising any problem areas.


Girls who are petite have shorter torsos and a smaller stature. Their diminutive frame is easy to overwhelm with too much pattern or busyness.

Elongate your shape with vertical stripes. Solid colored suits keep the eye moving on one long line instead of intersecting your shape. You can also go strappy and high cut to accentuate your shoulders and legs.

Color Block

If your goal is to look thinner, stick to suits with one swath of color or something minimal and color blocked. Black is perennially slimming. Other dark colors also get the job done.

Avoid patterns and stripes. They add visual volume. The only exception is a suit with a patterned bralette. It’s never a bad idea to draw the eye toward your face.

White Out

A white swimsuit flatters almost no one, except supermodels. If you’re a supermodel, by all means, wear a barely-there white bathing suit to the beach. Enjoy feeling nearly naked.

Otherwise, white makes you look bigger and often washes you out.

Detail Oriented

Choose the details that enhance the body you have. One piece suits are available in so many cuts and styles now.

Emphasize your bust with a plunging neckline. If you’re fit and toned, go for something with cutouts. A backless suit provides a pop of interest without giving everything away.

One piece suits can be sexier than bikinis because they preserve a hint of mystery.

Sporty one-piece swimsuits are effortlessly cool. Neon piping, zipper details, and mesh accents give off a youthful vibe. Long sleeve, wetsuit-lite suits provide extra sun protection without sacrificing style.

Use details to your advantage and avoid embellishments on troublesome spots.


There’s no reason you shouldn’t accessorize for a day at the beach. Shoes, belts, and earrings can add that extra oomph to a simple one piece.

Opt for wedge heels instead of flipflops. They’ll improve your posture and make your legs and butt look more toned. Plus, wedges mean you can walk on sand without your heel falling through.

Add a belt to show off your waist. Wear a long, rope necklace or dangling earrings to finish your look. Avoid metals that could corrode in salty water.


Don’t relegate your swimsuit to the beach. A one-piece suit readily doubles as a bodysuit that can be worn long after summer ends.

Layer it under a trench and jeans for sleek sophistication. Wear it with an A-line skirt for an easy office look. Or toss some shorts on and embrace beach chic.

Don’t Skimp

Don’t be tempted to skimp on price so that you can buy more suits. Instead, invest in a classic suit that you’ll wear over and over.

More expensive suits have thicker fabric and are less prone to stretching out and riding up. They also have better UV protection and offer more support than trendy, throwaway fashion. Shop now for high-quality suits.

There’s a One-Piece Swimsuit for Everyone

The bikini has had its day for more than 60 years. Why not make the switch to a one-piece swimsuit? There’s a cut and style for every body type. Invest in a good one, and you’ll be able to wear it beyond the beach.

Are you looking to up your style game? Check out our style category. We’ll help you stay in fashion, no matter what season it is.

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