Darlings, too often when talking about swimsuits for different body shapes do we simply cringe. There are many connotations with the ‘type’ of body shapes each and every one of us has but does it matter? Absolutely not. It’s time we talk about what our body means to us and what we enjoy wearing. We all have parts that we love and parts the we hate but regardless of this, nothing can ever get in the way of making us look and feel fabulous.

It’s time we get confident about swimwear! Here, I provide you with a few go-to tip when choosing swimwear that compliment your favourite parts of your body and alleviate the parts that in your mind are drawing back your confidence. Remember, these are only suggestions. Only you know how you truly feel and in my eyes you are nothing but fabulous!

Swimsuits For Different Body Shapes

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LOVE: Think mini! Of course most bikinis expose your stomach which is perfect if you have been working extra hard for your desired bikini body or ultimately you are just proud of this part (you go girl)! My favourite two-piece around at the moment is the textured high neck bikini tops. They make your torso as much as possible the centre of attention!

DISLIKE: Swimsuit all the way! We all have those days where we want to be a little more covered up but covered up does not mean boring by any means. Go for a swimsuit with added embellishment or a dynamic pattern such as polka dots or print repetition!

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LOVE: This is where mini bikini bottoms come into play! If you have fabulous long pins or simply want to show off those darling legs of yours, of course, you want them to be as exposed as possible!

DISLIKE: Here, gorgeous frilly swimming costumes come into play. If you are wearing that yellow polka dot swimsuit with added tutu do you really think your legs will be the centre of attention if you don’t want them to be? It’s all about body confidence darlings and flaunting your favourite parts of your body. If you don’t want attention focused on one particular area make sure you exaggerate your other parts!


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First of all ask yourself this: does your bikini top need a wire for support? This is extremely important when choosing swimwear as it can not only affect your overall desired presence but also your health and how comfortable you feel! Many bikinis, particularly from high street retailers do not have wires in so this is extremely important to take into consideration when choosing a bikini for your body shape!

DISLIKE: A tankini or cropped bikini is a go to! I don’t particularly enjoy flaunting my upper half on the beach and I often neglect its presence. A cropped bikini has the same effect as your favourite tank top in the most fabulous form of swimwear.

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If you love your shoulders darlings try a one shoulder bikini! These are all the rage for SS15 and even AW15. Of course, you could wear a strapless bikini but if you are searching for something a little more chic these are your go to.


Why not try a halter neck tankini? Everyone will be so mesmerised by the colour, print or texture that your bikini has to offer that all attention will be redirected to exactly this!

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LOVE: Tie side thong bikini bottoms are not for the faint hearted! It takes a lot of courage to wear such a daring piece but their outcome is worth it when you find that confidence that, of course, will only make you look much more fabulous. These bikini bottoms are becoming more popular day by day. They only use to exist in the basic section of swimwear but now beach time bikini chic is all the focus!

DISLIKE: Why not try a skirted bikini bottom? This provides you with all the benefits and best aspects of a two piece bikini whilst making you feel secure with a little-frilled skirt. These are one of my favourites and I find myself buying a new skirted bikini every year (because you can never have too many right?).


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LOVE: So I know this sounds a little crazy but do you ever find yourself querying the length of your body? I have ridiculously long legs which when it comes to wearing a bikini makes me conscious of how much skin I really am exposing. Here is one swimsuit body shape tip I will always remember.

Is my body too long? Opt for a low dipped swimsuit. Once again this is all about taking the attention away from, in this case, your length whether this is long legs or a longer torso and creating an illusion that makes you feel fabulous.

Is my body too short? It’s time to go for the opposite! Go as short and tiny as possible. You want to create extra length in all aspects of your body, which is also the perfect opportunity to flaunt all your other favourite parts of your body.

What are your thoughts darlings? Remember, when choosing swimwear really think about your body shape. What do you love the most? Whilst providing you with a confidence boost this also provides you with the knowledge to dress in a way that not only makes you happy but also comfortable! After all, the beach is where it happens and a little Summer frolicking in the sea is key to the best possible holiday!

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