Sunday Photo: Romantic Getaways

//Sunday Photo: Romantic Getaways

Hello to the first Sunday of this incredibly love month- February! (and my 5 years and 5 months anniversary, because we still count the months and congratulate each other )

With Valentine’s Day being in just 12 days, there is a lot of pressure regarding what to buy and what to do, and not just for couples, for singles too. (even if they want to admit it or not)

Since there are so many articles about buying the perfect gift, i was planning a different Valentine’s Day this year, going for a romantic getaway, in a special city, called Bruges in Belgium. So, before talking about why Bruges and how i got to this conclusion, let’s talk about some types of romantic getaways.

Relaxing – Romantic Getaway

This particular type of romantic getaways can be the perfect gift for anyone, and it can vary from cheap versions to highly expensive ones, but usually they are very accessible.

  •  Book one night in a hotel with great room service and Jacuzzi

This is the easier one to pick, it can be in your city, usually there are a lot of special prices for Valentine’s Day and you do not need to skip to many work days.

  •  Book one day at SPA

What better of way of relaxing, than spending one day being pampered at a SPA? Imagine all the nice treatments and most important spending those hours with your loved one and feel like a million dollar star.

wellness-285587_640  wellness-589770_640

  • Go to a tropical resort and spend a few days

If you afford a nice getaway for a few days in paradise, then why not go for it? There are so many options to choose from and so so many offers for Valentine’s Day! And this year, you have an advantage, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, so you can have the whole weekend to celebrate your love.

bahamas-410143_640  beach-hut-237489_640  resort-213151_640  maldives-666122_640

Sightseeing – Romantic Getaways

If you are those kind of people who love discovering new places, new restaurants, new ways of living, than this is for you!

  •  Travel to a new city

Go online and search for the most romantic cities in the world, or in your country/state and just book a flight! You have one or more days to discover a new place, taste and smell new fragrances, feel and experience a new kind of lifestyle, getting to know different people with different views upon life.

eiffel-tower-975002_640  venice-185829_640  view-from-the-shard-752315_640

Lost in the Nature – Romantic Getaways

There are some that just want to get away from noisy cities and fast-paced lifestyles and just lose themselves in the heart of the nature, where they can only have each other and no Facebook, emails and Twitter…just themselves!

  •  Book a cabin in the middle of nowhere

You can try mountains or some beautiful woods. As long as you have each other, tasty food for the body, incendiary drinks for the spirit and plenty of tranquility, you can really be one with nature and celebrate pure love. snow-981721_640  winter-668271_640

Have a romantic dinner

This is by far the least time consuming, cost reduction, romantic gesture that you can do for your loved ones. You can have dinner at home, cooked by you, or you can go to that restaurant you have always wanted to go, or you can just have it in an unconventional place of your desire.




How did we decided to go to Bruges?

I am leaving with business to Belgium and although i was supposed to work in the 14th, i managed to get that day off  and since i have only one day available, my boyfriend decided to come to Belgium too and spend it together. Initially we wanted to go to Paris for one day, but then we realized that it would be a pity to be in a rush in the most romantic city, because we would have only a few hours to enjoy it! So, i looked online for 10 most romantic cities in the world, and on the 6th position was Bruges, a city in Belgium, easy accessible to us. And this is how we decided to spend Valentine’s Day, eating exquisite chocolate, travelling the beautiful streets of a romantic city and enjoy the local restaurants. Some pictures with Bruges:

belfry-of-bruges-320165_640  belgium-355647_640  bruges-604396_640  brugge-327865_640 bruges-384890_640


What have you decided for Valentine’s Day?

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