10 Reasons To Start Dancing Right Now

//10 Reasons To Start Dancing Right Now

I always wanted to dance a passionate tango, a sexy bachata, and a dynamic flamengo… and I did it!

The point is to risk, to dare what you dream and take strength and positive energy of your choice. Dancing can entertain you, can help you work out and lose weight, to perfect your body while can help you to heal from anxiety, stress, depression.

There are lots of different reasons why you should start dancing right now. But if I had to choose the 10 most important to write for you, these would be the following:

1. Burn Calories

Dancing can help you burn calories, lose weight and boost your metabolism. With few words, it is a great exercise and an “easy” way to have a perfect body.



2. Good for Health

Except from your appearance dancing helps also significantly your health. It improves the cardiovascular status, strengthens muscles, increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure, while at the same time reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.


3. Improve Posture

After taking some dancing lessons you will feel the improvement in your posture and balance. It helps you have a better control of your body and move with balance and grace.



4. Good for Joints and Bones

Dancing considerably enhances the well-being of bones and joints. The continual transfer of weight from one leg to another has proven to be a very good exercise and increases bone density, without burdening. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis as well!



5. Confidence

Apart from health dance helps greatly in our psyche. Being a dancer gives you an enormous boost in confidence. The simplest and the most apt example is the confidence that everyone feels after the achievement of a goal. The target can be a series of steps, or a lead in a match. Regardless of the goals set by each, the joy of achieving the goal is the same for everyone!


6. Socialize

The best way to meet new people and become part of a team! Dance helps a lot in socialization, whether this is in a section at a dance-school, or on a Saturday night in a Club!

7. Reduces Depression

Dancing is “bringing up” the mood! It removes common psychological illnesses of our time, such as depression!


8. Good for Memory

Dance will keep your mind alert. It also helps boosting your memory.

9. Makes you Sexy

There is a study about that. It must be true.



10. Healthy Hobby

Finally dance contributes to the overall improvement of our lifestyle! It is important for anyone to have something fun for his free time. Especially nowadays that daily life has become difficult, we must not forget to fill our day with the “little” things that give us joy!



After reading this article, I am sure I convinced you to stand up and start dancing! Because as the famous dancer Maurice Bejarts claimed: “Dancing is one of the rare human activities where one can give himself completely: body, heart, and spirit.”

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