8 Spring/Summer 2014 Shoe Trends

//8 Spring/Summer 2014 Shoe Trends

Before going out for a shopping spree, don’t forget to check our list of 8 spring/summer shoe must-haves and add your favorite to your list. It’s already hot outside and your feet need to meet the warm weather with some new and stylish shoes.

This season’s trends revolve mostly about reviving comfort, in sink to the norm-core trend that’s been populating catwalks in the past fashion weeks, but killer heels do find their way into the list, as usual.

#1 Ankle strap pumps

One of the most refined trends of the season, the ankle strap pump takes the classiness of powerful business women and translates it into a sexier and sleeker assortment for the night. These very delicate shoes are the perfect addition for a summery outfit and work wonders with any kind of skirt. We’re big fans of mixing them with evening maxi dresses, for an added glamour effect.


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#2 Stiletto sandals

A never dying style, the stiletto is the perfect timeless choice to bring to life any outfit. They’re elegant and the very high heel elongates the leg. Choose dark colors for an added dose of seriousness, pick fuchsia for a pop of colour or white to stick the season’s trend and emphasize your tan!


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#3 White sneakers

When we said normcore is the thing to abide by this season, we were right! And the center piece of this movement is the white sneaker. This very simple and comfortable item is no longer associated to busy mothers or tennis players, but it comforts the feet of fashionistas on their day to day activities. In addition to this, it works well with any kind of outfit. We love Ana Morodan’s styling with a luxurious red dress for a boat ride!

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#4 The block heel

If pumps or stilettos are not your thing, but you’re a big fan of heels, this spring’s brought you the perfect item: the block heel! From summer boots to strappy sandals, your feet will feel divine in these very comfortable types of shoes. We adore this new twist on the classic delicate kitten heel and we can’t wait to see our favourite style icons mixing them up for the hot season.


Recommended items:

#5 The man-dal

The man-dal or the reinvented Birkenstock is one of this season’s most disputed style staples. Bulky and manly, they are hard to mix in outfits and they don’t flatter every leg, but fashionistas everywhere seem to have taken up the challenge and we can see them all over the world wide web.

If you’re particularly fond of these kind of sandals (as we are), we suggest choosing a milder pattern or fabric, like these metallic Zara ones. They go amazingly well with androgynous silhouettes in either neutral or very bold patterns. With this kind of shoes, you’re prone to making a statement.


Recommended items:

#6 Mules

Yet another controversial item, the mule used to be the talk of the town in the late 1990s and early 2000s until it became banned by any style influencers up until now. Trend followers are, however, split into lovers and haters of the trend. We love Doina Ciobanu’s choice of semi sheer mules, an item that also incorporates the sheer trend.


Recommended items:

#7 Flat sandals

An obvious choice for the hot season, the flat sandals replace the usual low wedge and put emphasis on the natural line of the foot, in an attempt to bring comfort and style together. This kind of shoes relies heavily on the choice of patterns and large array of embellishments to bring your outfit into the front row and can be a great go-to pair of shoes for busy days. They work wonders for denim shorts or maxi dresses and can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation. We recommend trying them in a timeless blend of colours, like white and nude.


Recommended items:

#8 The ballet flat

Just as timeless as the stiletto, there are however, no restrictions in the wear of the ballet flats. A season favourite, the pointed toe, is a bit more classy than the usual type of flat, but can be easily dressed down for festival wear or day to day activities. This season’s flats are either delicate, made out of soft and feminine fabrics, or tropical, based on an array of bold prints and colours, mostly in nuances of blue, yellow and emerald green.


Recommended items:


Now, just in case you’ve made up your mind over what shoe you want, but you’re pretty torn between that beautiful fuchsia and that really creamy salmon nude, the colour-highlights of this spring/summer are placid blue, violet tulip, hemlock, paloma, sand, freesia, cayenne, celosia orange, radiant orchid and dazzling blue (according to Pantone).

We’re hoping our list has given you the necessary inspiration for some new additions to your shoe closet this season!

Which one would you wear?

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