13 Incredible Spring-Summer Flat Shoes Styles

//13 Incredible Spring-Summer Flat Shoes Styles

How else can you make your summer days more comfortable than with a cool pair of flats?

We all know shoes are the ones that make the difference in our look. As Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Well, Miss Marilyn was surely referring to flats because these are the shoes in which you can surely conquer the world! You wear them on a daily basis and since we all want to look great in our spring/summer outfits, the accessories we choose are crucial.

Whether we are talking about espadrilles or sandals, flat shoes are for sure the most comfortable and practical shoe type! They are reinterpreted in million styles season after season by the major brands in the fashion industry, or by the mass market ones. Designers like Burberry, Tory Burch or Charlotte Olympia (who I personally adore!) are playing with styles, colors and prints in order to create the best possible fit for our tastes in what concerns shoes fashion!

Let’s find out which are the must-haves of this season when it comes to flat shoes and how you can adjust what you already have in your closet in order to make the best of your every-sunny-summer day!

 #1 Animal print

Estilo Tendances Animal Print Summer Flats

As I already stressed out in my last article about Block Heel Sandals, animal print is a never-ending trend! You just have to be careful how to mix it in order to not look cheap. For example, the Bisoux beauties designed by Charlotte Olympia go perfectly with shorts and a simple T-shirt!

 TIP: For the Pollini espadrilles get inspiration from the Fashion Blogger Kim Jacobs from her blog All about the style! She totally rocked her boyfriend jeans and white, simple T-shirt outfit with a nice pair of animal print flats!

boyfriend jeans animal print espadrilles kim jacobs

Simple, yet chic. The animal print flats totally change the overall look of the outfit.

Photosource: All about the style by Kim Jacobs

#2 Jelly Flats

Estilo Tendances Spring Summer Jelly Flats

These are some of the coolest flats I’ve seen. The question is: Do you dare wearing the Greenfly Jelly Flats or the Fiebiger Cheetahfly Leopard Print D’Orsay Jelly Flats from Lulus?

TIP: Just to keep your outfit in a playful mood, chose one of the colorful dresses I suggested for this summer!

#3 Walk-with-style Flats

Estilo Tendances-Spring Summer Walk With Style Flats

How can you name better these gorgeous flats? The Tory Burch orange Da Smoking Catherine are perfect for any summer outfit that needs the right shoes to stand out!

TIP: If you have a gorgeous dress like the one in the picture below, don’t hesitate to just put on some beautiful red shoes like the ones designed by Charlotte Olympia!

red and white dress stylishhad blog

Awesome outfit for a hot summer day.

Photosource: Stylishhad Blog

#4 Stripe it out Flats

Estilo tendances Stripe it Out flats

Beside the nice striped these flats have, the colors are also gorgeous. You can play with your outfit in million ways accessorizing it with one of the two models: Cape HattersFlat in Sun or the ones found on Pinterest in a great color mix: black, white and pink.

TIP: Be careful when making your outfit using striped flats in what concerns mixing them with other prints!

#5 Ethnic prints

Estilo Tendances Ethnic Print Flats

Oh, they are more than beautiful and appropriate for any fashionable summer dress! The ones on the left side are a Tory Burch creation, while the other ones are signed Burberry!

TIP: Make the most of your ethnic print flats by wearing them with a flawless white summer dress.

#6 Bow Beauties

Estilo Tendances Bow Beauties Flats

Beside the fact that are two colors very easy to mix&match, these flats will draw all the attention to your beautiful legs. Choose between Kate Spade Trendy Sandals in beige, or the Tory Burch Infradito in Newport navy!

TIP: The skirt is the item which works the best in combination with this type of flats!

#7 Let’s talk colors!

Estilo Tendances Colored Flats

These cuties seem to be exactly what you’re looking for when those days in which you need some color in your outfit come! The yellow sneakers can be found at American Apparel, while the brown and pink sandals at Asos.

 TIP: If you really want to stand out, choose a color block combination!

#8 Florals are a girl’s best friend!

Estilo Tendances Floral Print Flats

What can be more appropriate for summer than floral print?! Wear it on your dresses, on your skirts and mostly on your shoes! Here are two awesome models from Asos and Lulus that will brighten up your day!

TIP: In order tot take advantage of such a strong print, wear it with colorful, but monochrome garments!

#9 Funny flats

Estilo Tendances Funny Flates

You gotta love them! Only taking a glimpse at your foot will make your day better! Charlotte Olympia Nude Patent Leather Kitty Flats are adorable and really chic at the same time, featuring a silver-tone pyramid studs at heel!

TIP: Just have fun wearing this kind of flats no matter what you decide to put on in the upper part!

#10 Black classics

Estilo Tendances Black Classics Flats

Nothing can be more elegant than a pair of black flats! You just cannot fail mixing them with whatever you are in the mood for wearing and your outfit will be great! Two examples of dazzling black flats are Kristin Cavallari Candence Flats and the New Look Jade model!

TIP:A gorgeous hat will take your outfit to a totally another level!

estilo tendances black hat fashionista

Effortless combination of black hat and casual skirt!

Photosource: Gloss Fashionista

#11 Look at the bright side

Estilo Tendances Bright Flats

With or without prints, white flats will always be synonym with summer days! Either you choose a pair of flat sandals, like the Burberry ones, or some cute espadrilles like the ones from ModCloth, you are ready to enjoy the sun!

TIP: Use the following photo to get inspired for an awesome summer look!

estilo tendances white flats inspiration

Fashionistas mix black and white stripes with white flats for a fresh look!

Photosource: A little dash of darling

#12 Everything lays in the details

Estilo Tendances Detail Flats

We all know that a little detail can change completely the way we look, so it’s time to look for it when we are choosing our shoes. You just have to adore Chiara Ferragni’s shoe collection! On the other side, Lulus little insertion details really make the difference!

 TIP: If you’re are wearing detailed shoes, be careful at how many jewelry items you put on! You know that Less is more!

#13 Pastel Flats

Estilo Tendances Patel Color Flats

 Gorgeous cotton candy colors and beautiful styles is what defines the Joe’s Jeans Footwear Flats, as well as, the delicious looking New Look’s Joinery Pink Flats!

TIP: For you entire look to be complete, mix the pastel colored flats with garments in other cotton candy colors! You will look yummy! 

Which one is your favorite flat shoes style for this hot summer?

Comment below and let us know your opinion!

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Feature photo: Asos

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