9 Colorful Spring-Summer Dresses

//9 Colorful Spring-Summer Dresses

What can be more relaxing than a sunny summer day? What can be more beautiful than enjoying it in the sun wearing your favorite dress?

We all love dresses, they make us feel free, are the perfect item for showing our beautiful tanned legs and of course, they come in so many colors and prints that it is impossible not to find one that you are addicted to.

Every spring I start the “haunting” of new crushes, new dresses that will make the hot days feel cooler. It is not an easy job. When buying a new dress you have to take in consideration some features of your body in order to highlight the best ones and hide the parts of your body you are not so happy with. Some girls prefer mini-dresses, while some prefer midi or maxi ones. Some of us like a dress to be really tight on our body, while some like the flowy ones.

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It is true some women don’t pay attention to details when they are choosing their dresses.

This is why before showing my picks I want to give you some 9 useful pieces of advice!

1. If you have heavy arms you should definitely avoid sleeveless dresses.

2. If you are the lucky owner of an impressive bust you can highlight that area through a deep V dress. Still, don’t exaggerate, you don’t want to be misunderstood.

3. Curvy women should consider buying A-line dresses, while the slim ones can choose something more tight.

4. The color of the dress is really important. If you have a light skin is better to go with strong colors like blue and green, while if you have darker skin you can choose any color you wish.

5. Girls having really thin legs should favor midi or maxi dresses instead of minis.

6. Quality is primordial. And here I am not talking about brand, but about the fabric and the way the dress is sewed and so on. There are plenty of gorgeous dresses, but made with poor craftsmanship.

7. If you are tall, you can consider yourself lucky. Choose any kind of dress you like. But if you are a short girl, then you should focus on mini dresses.

8. When the lower part of your body is bigger comparing with the upper part you may want to choose a strapless dress, driving all the attention apart the problem area.

9. And the best tip I can give you is to feel good in your own skin no matter what type of dress you wear. Attitude is everything!

#1. Juicy Couture Tellis Striped Dress, €164


You have to love this dress. The colorful flower print on a black and white stripes background look awesome. Moreover, it is made of silk and it’s on sale!! I would wear it with nude sandals (find out what are the MUST HAVE SHOES for this season) and black butterfly sunnies! Also, it can be accessorized with a fuchsia clutch and a nice golden watch.

#2. Oasis Kella Skater Dress, £60estilo-tendances-spring-summer-dresses-oasis

Isn’t it that this coral pink is inspirational for any spring-summer outfit?! I really like the back lace details of this beautiful Kella Skater DressYou can combine it with a pair of nude platforms, or even black. Just put your summerish hat (read about it here) on and you’re ready to go!

If you have problems accessorizing the perfect pair of platforms with your outfit, read our 18 Ways to wear platform shoes guide!

#3 Diesel D-Emile Dress, $198

estilo-tendances-spring-summer-dresses-diesel (2)

I have to admit it was love at first sight. I like so much the color and the movement of this dress! It is a 100% cotton dress, perfect for the hot summer days. I can picture it worn with platforms and a nice pair of sunglasses.

#4 FOREVER 21 Maxi Dress, $16.85

estilo-tendances-spring-summer-dresses-FOREVER21 (2)

This Sand & Stone Maxi dress is a real catch taking into consideration the prince. It features a zig-zag print in red and blue colors. Maxi dresses are very cool, but you have to pay attention if you are short. Wear it with a nice pair of flat sandals and a hat!

#5 L.K. Bennett Bally Dress, £275


We all know that yellow is one of the colors of this season. If you are lucky enough to have dark skin and hair, this dress is the one for you. You can mix it with practically any strong color accessories, creating a color block combination. It also has a fine waist accessory which highlight the area.

#6 ZARA Printed Dress, 49.95 EUR


Such an interesting print, perfect for coloring things up in our closet. It is a straight line dress, being perfect for any type of silhouette. Due to its large variety of colors on the print can be combined with anything you have in your wardrobe, from nude sandals to yellow clutch.

#7 Antrophologie Blank Aurora Dress, £158


This is the kind of dress you don’t see each day on the streets. The ones having such a beauty in their closet will surely stand out once they go out. It has a predominant blue print, so it’s perfect for brown and blonde hair. It excellently matches with a beige pair of high heel, or even a more daring color.

#8 Asos Asymmetric Dress, $71.49


Gorgeous color? Checked! Interesting form? Checked! Flawlessness? Checked! What can you ask for more from a dress? This is gorgeous and matches mostly the girls with small bust, as to add some volume in the upper part of the body.

#9 ROMWE Gentle Dolls Print Blue Dress, 37.99 $


You have to love this dress! It is simply funny and catchy. It is proper for mostly any kind of silhouette, but attention to the arms. Due to the fact that is sleeveless, if you have prominent arms, just avoid it. Whether you feel playful, wear it with sneakers. It could be fun!

Which one is your favorite?

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