Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture: Dior

//Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture: Dior

Who hasn’t heard about the iconic fashion house of Christian Dior?

It is one of the most famous and emblematic fashion houses in France and their heritage and history is known all over the world. It is not only the incredible taste when it comes to Haute Couture that makes this French Maison to be so appreciated, but also its creator, Christian Dior. He was the one who accepted to take over his dream at the age of 40 when he established his own brand, Christian Dior in the still representative address of 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris. The little boutique he opened and thought it will be a small business became immediately a success when the talented French artist became appreciated for his innovative dresses, as Vogue highlighted in a constant manner.

[Tweet “”A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body”-Christian Dior”]

He wasn’t just a designer, he was truly an artist. His passion for art was known by everyone, still his parents didn’t agree for him to follow such a career. As Carmel Snow, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar highlighted at that time, his work could have been described as being innovative and his dresses proving a “New Look”.

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However, after enchanting the Parisians for 10 years with his lovely clothes, Christian Dior dies at the age of 52 of a heart attack. When the tragedy happened, Yves-Saint-Laurent took over the creative part of the business and seems he did a great job since the French brand successfully survived even without the man who established it.


Christian Dior

It is not only the white corridor which leads us to think of something clean, but also the collection as a whole. It’s hard to dislike such a work of art. The creative director of Christian Dior Maison (now owned by LVMH group) seems to feel the Couture world so good. Starting from mastering the cutting work and the appliqué of the dresses, every garment screamed elegance. As Raf Simons declared, the inspiration came from the relationship with its clients, the salon and women in general.

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What was so intriguing and elegant were actually the shapes of the dresses, which weren’t following the same pattern. You can see volume and you can see twists and even veils covering the beautiful masterpieces.

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(38)Beautiful  appliqué and print

When it comes to the Haute Couture Collection, details are really important. This time, Raf Simons decided to decorate the garments in a unique and modern way. As you can see from the picture above, some of the dresses have little decorative appliqué pieces which seemed leaves. Also, an interesting print on the upper part of the dress gave this item the contemporary touch.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful Christian Dior Couture Spring Summer 2014 Collection!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(39)Décolleté dress

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(33)White dress with black bow detail

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(32)Beautiful movement in the lower part of the dress

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(31)It’s all about the shape and pleated texture

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(30)As you can see, Simons has a weakness for details

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(29)You got to love the black flower appliqué dress!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(28)From the color to the shape, this silk nude pleated dress it’s perfect!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(26)Interesting mix of details on the dress. A big plus for the shoes!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(24)One of my favorite combinations of silk skirt and printed top

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(23)Low volume embroidered white dress.

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(22)The black and white embroidered combination never fails. Especially in Couture!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(21)Beside the gorgeous color of the shoes, the cape makes all the outfit!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(20)The feminine elegance can be achieved even when wearing an embroidered suit

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(17)The white veil gives this dress a totally modern feel

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(19)Clean outfit in bright colors

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(37)If the dresses were gorgeous, the shoes were at least as interesting!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(36)Directly on my wishlist!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(35)Details were discrete, yet sophisticated

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(34)Amazing work of art!

estilo-tendances-dior-haute-couture-SS14-5(18)The one who made everything possible, Raf Simons

Check out the “CHRISTIAN DIOR” Haute Couture Spring Summer Full Show 2014 Paris By Fashion Channel:

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Photosource: Dior.com Style.com

Feature image: pexels.com

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