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Pictures are such a precious way to capture personal accomplishments, beautiful destinations, or just a silly moment.

They are something you can always look back on to revisit your favorite memories. But, it’s much easier to reminisce when you can go through them on something other than a smartphone.

Why not print out the pictures from graduation or your last vacation and put them in a scrapbook?

This might seem like a big task, but is actually easier than you think!

Here are six simple scrapbooking tips to make a beautiful album you can always enjoy.

1. Find the Right Album

A brand-new scrapbook is basically a fresh canvas.

But, it does matter what kind of scrapbook you buy. This will set the stage for how you apply all of your scrapbooking tips.

Let’s take a look at a few options.


A post-bound scrapbook is the godfather of all scrapbooks.

This option comes with special screws and carefully laminated pages.

The screws hold everything in place, no matter how heavy or thick your scrapbook becomes as you add more material. You can even add screw extensions to create space for more pages.

Since everything is laminated, you’re free to move things around.

This comes in handy if you think you’ve finished a scrapbook, only to find some photos you forgot about. Or, you can add more pages as your baby grows up or your college years go by.


Another convenient option that allows you to mix pages around is the 3-ring album.

Think of this as a 3-ring binder you used in school, but fancier. Many such scrapbooks come decorated on the front and back.

They also come with D-rings. Instead of tilting your pages on a curve, D-rings allow everything to lay flat when a scrapbook is closed and as you turn pages.


A book-bound scrapbook is most similar to a traditional hardcover book.

The pages are sewn and/or glued into place. Some come with pages you can rip out to make room for bulkier items. But, these don’t have the option to add more room.

Still, they make a great first album to put newfound scrapbooking tips to the test.

2. Pick a Theme

As you’re going through different scrapbook options, consider your theme.

Some will be ready-made with things like your prom, graduation, or “baby’s firsts” in mind. Others will truly be a blank canvas for you to do anything you wish.

Either way, there are more aspects of a theme to consider.

When you buy your scrapbook, don’t forget to get some stickers and stencils, and a few colored markers. These will bring your pages to life and give the entire scrapbook a bit more character.

Such materials help create any of the following scrapbook themes:

  • Wedding/anniversary
  • Spring break/summer vacation
  • Holidays
  • Family moments

You can choose any of these themes to fill a scrapbook from front to back. Or, establish a theme for a scrapbook you can add to as the years go by.

3. Go Through Your Photos

Speaking of themes, try to align the photos used with your theme of choice.

It doesn’t make much sense to put random pictures of your dog in a graduation scrapbook. But, maybe a baby picture or two would be a nice touch at the front.

The main thing to consider, though, is that your pictures probably aren’t all in the same place.

Some are on your smartphone while others are on your computer. There might be more pictures worth using posted on your friends’ social media pages, too.

Or, consider setting up a professional shoot like the ones available for family photography in Dubai.

Wherever your favorite photos are, gather them all into one folder.

This will make ordering your prints much easier.

You can email them or go to a local printing store to get them from a screen into your hands.

4. Set Up a Layout

Once you’ve bought all your scrapbooking materials and printed pictures, you can’t just go for it.

One of the best scrapbooking tips you’ll always use is to make a layout for your pages.

Consider how different sizes of photos will fit. Make a mental note of the way you want all the pages to come together and make an album. The more you test each layout before cutting and gluing, the better the final result will look.

Don’t forget to think about what kind of backgrounds and details you want to add, too.

5. Use Special Features

Details for a scrapbook are much more than backgrounds and fun edges for your photos.

As you’re playing with page layouts, try to incorporate a few of these final touches.

Accordion Pages

Accordion pages are an extension of a regular page.

They fold out to show off more photos than the space would otherwise allow. These are easy to make with old brochures or travel pamphlets.

Or, you can make your own by combining and folding sheets of construction paper onto a scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Pockets

Another fun thing to try with extra paper is scrapbook pockets.

These little details add a lot of fun and glam to any page.

You can use pockets to store tickets from museums or stubs from a special show. Other things to tuck in them include small notes or wallet-size photos.

Words and Phrases

Pictures say 1,000 words, but a few captions here or there don’t hurt.

Words are a beautiful final touch to your scrapbook.

You can find quotes to celebrate love, family, success, or growth. Or, just use a few general words like “summertime sun” or “celebrate.”

Dates and Places

You can use words to date photos, too.

Dates help you remember special moments as the years go by. They help jog your memory of where you were and what you were doing while certain pictures were taken.

Having multiple dates throughout your scrapbook also helps to establish a bit of a timeline. It turns an album into a time capsule as you flip through the pages.

Capture Your Favorite Memories with These Scrapbooking Tips

Ready to take on the art of scrapbooking?

Making one doesn’t always have to be because of a big event like weddings or holidays. It can be just because as a special gift, or to better track the days as they turn into years.

If you do have something special coming up, though, take pictures with a scrapbook in mind!

This comes in handy while on vacation or at your next family gathering.

Speaking of vacations, check out the best places to travel alone.

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