It’s Sale Time!!!

//It’s Sale Time!!!

30%, 50%, even 70% if you’re lucky! You can feel it in the air, in the crowded stores, it’s everywhere…it’s the sale season‘s sweet smell! Every girl is waiting for this period of the year since the fall-winter collections were displayed for the first time in September. We all spotted some garments that were too expensive in the season and we can picture us wearing them after the January’s sale. I personally already paid a short visit to the Inditex group’s so famous shops- Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius and Pull and Bear. This was, of course, only the warm-up since I plan not only a physical shopping spree, but also an online adventure (the ones who share this kind of hobby know very well that online shopping is a real adventure). I recommend a very good strategic plan when it comes to spending on sales. Here are some tips from a shopping expert- how I like to call myself ­čÖé

1. Make a plan


Here you have to take into consideration the budget constraint, as well as the “closet constraint”. It’s all about how much you want to spend and on what you want to spend your budget. If you are not careful, you can find yourself in the situation in which you have filled your bags with clothes you don’t need.

2. Shop what you need, not necessarily what is cheap

The small prices can dazzle you, but don’t let yourself fooled. You have to buy what you need and was included in the plan I mentioned above!

3. Buy quality garments

The clothes/bags/shoes you cannot afford at their usual price and are very qualitative goods should represent a target for you! I usually make a little research before to see what deserves to be bought and what can wait depending on the fabric, price, etc.

4. Find the right shopping place

I have some favorite shopping destination where I like to shop on sales. Big commercial centers are the best since you can compare prices and clothes. They usually cover a large variety of brands, from low-end to the very high-end ones.

5. Have fun!!!

I have to admit I am a shopping addict, mostly when it comes to sale period. But I also have to admit that I enjoy it for the fun, the cheerfulness and relaxing mood this activity is providing. Also the opportunity to buy the goods at their close-to-real price plays an important role.

So what are you waiting for, boys and girls? Shop!!!

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