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As I mentioned in my last post, I love so much doing online shopping. Sometimes I spend hours in front of my laptop just searching for “the ones”. As the time to see on every site the words sale, discount and offer has come, my job to provide an interesting list of things to be bought began. Sooo, enjoy my list and I hope will inspire you on your future shopping spree.


1. Mango

colaj mango

From Mango, I chose the leather jacket, which I think it’s the most worth-buying item around (only 49.99 EUR). To continue with the 50% discount Mango offers, I like the biker boots so en vogue this season (also 49.99 EUR). For a cool combination, you can use either a contrasting chiffon shirt (19.99 EUR), either an effortless T-shirt (4.99 EUR).



2. Fossil

colaj fosil

Ohh, I want them all. Good news for the ones doing their shopping in the US, there are on sale. In Europe the offer is poorer, so I will refer to the beauties you can buy across the Ocean. The gold-navy watch is my favorite and it costs $99, while the other beauties cost just $69.



3. Asos

colaj asos

Asos is great when it comes to sale. They have plenty of offers, most of them really tempting. Their dresses are cool and cheap and you have from where to choose. I like especially the dark red one (26 EUR), but the other two also caught my attention (the black dress costs 17 EUR and the nude-soft pink one costs 31 EUR). The bags are so cool, the bicolor leather bag can be bought at a price of 42 EUR, while the shopper black one for 30 EUR.


4. Zara

colaj Zara

Hello, colors! I love the yellow straight trousers, from the texture to the color and back. Their discounted price is 19.99 EUR and I would mix them with the stylish red shoes (29.99EUR). My attention was captured by the black coat, though, with leather sleeves at the price of 89.99 EUR and it deserves every cent. Last but not least is the gorgeous fuchsia dress with shoulder details (19.99 EUR) would make my Friday evening more chic. You can find them here.

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