New York Fashion Week Diaries SS15

//New York Fashion Week Diaries SS15
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Being in New York is a dream for a lot of people, but being in New York and attending Fashion Week is the biggest dream in every fashionista’s life. Being in New York at Fashion Week because Estilo Tendances got invitations, the blog that i started with my boyfriend in 2011, the blog that doubled its visits in the last month (thanks to the wonderful people that put their soul into each task, when writing articles, when doing Social Media and PR, when thinking new strategies and new projects, when implementing new designs…) and the blog that is now returning profit, because of this blog – Estilo Tendances – i fulfilled my childhood dream!

August was one of the craziest months for our lovely PR Coordinator, Andra, because she was hit with dozens of emails and she had to reply to all of them and get us into as many shows as possible, which she did! We could have had even more invitations, but me and Mihai could not be in NY more than 3 days at that time,(only 3 specific days) so she had to squeeze as many invitations in this limited time frame – which she did, again!


Looking at the New York Fashion Week Schedule, we had 5 invitations:


  • Vivienne Hu
  • NOON by NOOR
  • Pamella Roland
  • Ricardo Seco
  • Dorin Negrau (our Romanian designer!)

Me in Chelsea, after getting my Pumpkin Spice Latte

We started our Tuesday morning around 6 am, so we could get ready, have time to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte and be at Pier 59 at 9 am (you should always be 20-30 min earlier, because you don’t want to wait in line forever).

Of course, New York tricked us into thinking that from the Metro station till Pier 59 Studios (which is a pier per say) it would take us just a few minutes walking – it took  us around 15 minutes, power walking (and sipping coffee at the same time)! (this is why i did not wear heels). We got there and we were like “So where is the entry way?” because there was no sign, nothing fashionable whatsoever. So, we saw a really well dressed guy and we knew it – he is going to Vivienne Hu show – so we followed him and ended up where we were supposed to be!

When in doubt, always follow fashion!

There was a red carpet waiting for us and volunteers searching for our names in a 5 pages list of people who were invited. We found our seats numbers and went to wait in line. My only problem with waiting, was that we had no air conditioning and i felt like i was melting…

At about 9:45 am the doors opened and we could walk in and be seated. This is how the show room looks empty:


And this is how it looked like during Vivienne Hu Show:

IMG_5230 IMG_5277

I loved the jewelry that they wore, white pearls, very classic! As our treat, each of us who was seated in the first 2 rows, went home with a goody bag!

goody bag vivienne hu fashion show new york

A beautiful bracelet, like the ones worn on stage.


Vivienne Hu

See the VIDEO from Vivienne Hu Spring/Summer 2015:

Time was ticking and because the show had an hour delay (yup, this is how they roll), we were literally running to get to see our next show, which was held uptown.

When we got to Lincoln Center, there was no doubt, we were at Fashion Week! There were so many people outside, without invitation to get in (sorry for you!) wondering around, taking pictures of others and just living in the moment. You could not get in without an invitation and then you had to pass a few (2-3) security checks for EACH show, in order to get in – crazier than at the airport, but it was so worth it!

Since, we were in a hurry, we did not have time to enjoy the surroundings, so we went straight to NOON by NOOR show, which was held at The Salon.

Noon by noor at new york fashion week

Before the show

Noon by noor at new york fashion week

Look how many photographers!!!

Noon by noor at new york fashion week

I loved looking at the people in the front row and try to capture their thoughts.

Noon by noor at new york fashion week

Shaikha Noor & Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa

My favorite Noon by Noor SS15 designs are:


Love the color, i think it represents femininity and it will be perfect for Spring/Summer 2015! Also, the flowers look like jewelry and having an item that speaks volume,  is something every woman should own each season!


The burgundy color (although, i consider it an autumn color) is my favorite! And those pants, to die for! Yes, you could say i really loved this collection and if you want to see more pictures, please check HERE and for the Video, see below:

After this show, we had some time on our hands, so we starting looking around, getting plenty of freebies: from a selfie remote for your iPhone, to champagne gummy bears, tattoos and travel perfume holder! Did i mention that illy bottled coffee beverages, yogurt, bottles of water and coca-cola sodas were “all you can drink” kind of thing?!

But, we were hungry too, so there was only one cute and very fashionable restaurant, where EVERYBODY served lunch, so we joined them too, here is what we had:

Lunch at Lincoln Center Mercedes Benz NYFW

Veggie stuff – although my greens tasted really weird.

But, we also had time to make new friends:

But time was passing awfully quick and Pamella Roland was next! The show we were all waiting for!

There are no words to describe what i felt when i realized how important this show was! There were so many queues and so many people, that they made a Priority Standing line and a Standing line (i found it funny!)… and when we finally got inside, the room was filled with high class fashion icons, one hundred photographers and a few hundred people just waiting… waiting for those few minutes of absolute mirage!

Pamella Roland NYFW SS 2015

Pamella Roland Fashion Show – Before the show

Pamella Roland NYFW SS 2015

Here is the Video with the whole Fashion Show:

Pamella roland at nyfw ss15

Pamella Roland at the end! Such a touching moment!

My favorite Pamella Roland designs for SS15 are:

Pamella roland at nyfw ss15

Both outfits are so different, but i would wear them both! Pink dress is for the lady in each woman, whereas the blue outfit is for a power statement.

Pamella roland at nyfw ss15

Beautiful, gorgeous gowns! In love, in love, in love…

See all the pictures from the Spring/Summer 2015 Pamella Roland collection, HERE!

Before we went back to haunt Manhattan, we had some fun outside, see what i mean:

NYFW SS15 ROSWITHA MOTI and Mihai Herman

Me and Mihai – CEO at Male





Unfortunately, we could not attend Ricardo Seco Fashion Show and Dorin Negrau Fashion Show, but here are my favorite pieces from their collection and the videos:

Ricardo Seco

ricardo seco

Ricardo Seco Spring/Summer 2015

To see all the pictures, please check them out HERE!

Watch the VIDEO below:

Dorin Negrau

dorin negrau 1

Black, sexy, powerful… Dorin Negrau SS15

dorin negrau 3

I love the earrings, they are big and colorful – just my cup of tea. Also, i love the fact that he combined Romanian folklore details and made them look so fashionable.

dorin negrau2

Lately, when i buy clothes, i mostly buy them if they are made out of a good fabric or they have some interesting details – like the design on the left. Next summer, my goal is to look good in a pair of shorts, just like the ones on the right!- gorgeous

To see all the pictures from Dorin Negrau SS15 Runway Show, click HERE!

Watch the AMAZING show here:

My New York Fashion Week story ends here, for now! Excited and grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend it and experience what it is like to be one of “those people”. Cannot wait for the next round of Fashion Weeks, because Estilo Tendances’s goal is to join Fashion Week in Paris and Milan too.


Just me, myself and I

Tell me, which is your favorite design from NYFW SS15?

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