Nail Your Next Mani: 7 Unique Manicure Ideas

//Nail Your Next Mani: 7 Unique Manicure Ideas
  • Unique Manicure Ideas

Whether you have short nails, long nails, coffin, or stiletto, you know how important it is that you have great looking nails!  Some like sticking to the same shape. And others like to switch it up!

But one thing is certain! There’s never enough unique manicure ideas! Staying on top of new trends is one thing.

But staying ahead of new trends is a whole new level! You want your nails like nothing any of your friends have seen. You want to be a friend who has the best nail manicure ideas.

And we’re here to make sure of it! So stick around to get some great nail inspo! And have all your friends asking you where you got these amazing design ideas from! 


Nail foil comes in several different colors. You can find it in silver, gold, and rose gold! These shimmery flakes of magic light up any room and mood. 

Foil flakes look great with clear or color polish. Spread them around randomly. Or, cover your whole nail with them.

No matter what style of foil you choose, you’re sure to stand out in the crowd!

And make sure your nail tech has the right tools. This way the foil on your nails are done correctly whether you have gel or acrylics. Don’t hesitate to find out more about proper nail care before scheduling an appointment.


Need a couple of short nail manicure ideas? Pinstripe nail designs are simple and elegant. And they’re great for giving an illusion of longer nails. 

Try a few or even just one. Draw them on vertically or horizontally. One pinstripe vertically down the middle looks amazing.

And one horizontal pinstripe across the bottom of your nail works best for making your nails look longer. Give both ways a shot! Or mix it up and do a mix of vertical and horizontal!


We all know that marble looks awesome in our homes. So why not try it on your nails? Marble nails are mesmerizing! 

The marble design doesn’t only come in black and white. You can try marble with any two colors. But it’s best to have one lighter color and one darker color.

This way the colors don’t blend. And try it in matte and normal overcoats! Matte marble is gorgeous on nails!  


When you think of chrome, you probably think of a shiny silver base with rainbow colors that show in the sun. And that’s right! You can absolutely have this on your nails.

But it gets even better. Chrome for your nails comes in more than just the average chrome style. It’s available in all colors!

That means that the base color doesn’t stop at silver. Have a base color of purple or blue! And all the colors of the rainbow still shimmer in the sunlight.

Single-Letter Accent Nail

Have a new boo thing that you’re excited to rep? Maybe you want to sport your own first or last name. Or, think about rocking your kid’s name.

And the best way to do that is by using a single-letter nail accent. Choose one nail that you want the letter one. And have the first letter of any name placed on it.

Cursive letters are more sophisticated. And revealing only one letter leaves a little bit of mystery for onlookers. But remember the accent nail doesn’t only have to be the ring finger. 

Put your fancy letter on the pinky or thumb. Put it on any finger that looks great to you!

Reverse French

Don’t get trapped with a boring French! It’s time to switch it up a bit! Take a French design and turn it around for a reverse French!

Rather than having the white tip at the end of the nail, place the white tip at the top! And have it done in a moon shape so it’s not just a block of white. It’s a stunning spin to the classic nail design. 


You love ombre for your beautiful hair! So try it out on your nails! You’ll love it.

You can have ombre nails in any color you desire. Start with a hue of pink at the bottom and drag it out to the top. Or flip flop it and have the color starting from the top and ombre to the bottom.

This is also another way to mix up the classic French! Have the white tip transition into the clear rest of the nail. But don’t be scared to try mixing colors.

You don’t have to stop at one color on a clear coat. Try grey fading into pink. Or black into maroon! 

Sand Textured

Now here’s a real way to stay unique! If you have a go-to nail color and aren’t ready to switch it up, but still want to be ahead of the trends, then sand textured nails are for you! Sand texture is a great way to keep the nail color you love with a new flare.

Sand textured nail polish gives your nails a textured feeling of sand. It’s much cooler than simple, smooth nails. But it won’t interfere with styles or colors that you’ve grown to love.

Animal Print

Animal print isn’t restricted to fancy coats or shoes. Your nails merit artistry as well. And animal print on your nails will look extraordinary! 

Choose from cheetah, tiger, zebra, giraffe, and so much more! Have all nails the same print. Or have a different print on each nail. 

You can even use the print as one or two accent nails with the other nails a solid color. Whichever you choose, you’ll be turning heads with these animal print manicure ideas!

Finding the Perfect Manicure Ideas

Finding the perfect manicure ideas is easy! All you must do is put a splash of your own personality into it! Because your unique personality is what’ll make your nails unique and amazing too.

You’re a princess. You should be treated like one too. And who better to treat you like a princess other than yourself?

Treat yourself to an awesome manicure! And for more ways to treat yourself like the princess you are, check out our blog!

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