Look out, it’s the 1960s!

//Look out, it’s the 1960s!

The 1960s have been a truly fascinating era in terms of fashion.

With the ‘invention’ of Twiggy and the mini skirt, fashion was screaming for attention with all its power, and we cannot blame it for that! The Mod look was all everyone wanted and several designers were on everyone’s minds! So let’s see who they were:


With his aura of feminine mystery and love for Audrey Hepburn who has been his muse, Hubert de Givenchy rises from nowhere(well,almost) and brings us his perfectly tailored dresses that make us swoon in front of the TV, while watching iconic movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffanys” or “Sabrina”.

Yves Saint Laurent

After finishing up with a rather horrible judging moment with Dior, YSL comes back in pure force with his women tuxedo that created a whole wave of feminism and broke all the possible rules of the time. Portraying the strong and empowered woman, he demolished the beliefs of the frailty of the weaker sex and proved his point.

Look out it's the 1960s!

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Before there was H&M, Forever 21 or Zara, Biba was a British (now heritage) brand that brought high-fashion at a reasonable price. It was not at the standards fast fashion is now, but it was bringing something new and more adapted to the masses. What could you ask for more?

Emilio Pucci

Known for his psychedelic prints, Pucci was a great creative mind of the 60s, bringing new ideas and patters to be followed in terms of prints. He ruled in his niche and nobody could take him down. He is also known for ‘patenting’ the head scarf trend, as well as the palazzo pant suit.


Mary Quant

With her perfect Vidal Sassoon 5 point bob haircut and her great ideas, she is mostly known for ‘inventing’ the mini skirt. She was a trendsetter and she knew that women were craving for attention, and what better way to receive it than to unleash the power of your body and to show the world your beautiful legs. She knew how to be sexy and seductive, but playful at the same time and the mini skirt comprises these qualities perfectly.

Look out it's the 1960s!

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However, these trends were not only used then, to die afterwards. As we know. fashion constantly recycles its trends, and it was high time someone recycled the 60s. I personally missed that period inspired clothing. This AW14, the 60s were in bloom on the catwalks. You could see the perfect straight cut dresses, the mini skirts, the comfortable mary-jane flats and the big, fake-eyelashes Twiggy make-up that made the 60s special. The hair was big, everything looked descended of that era, what could be more perfect than this?

Let’s see who got inspired from the trendsetters mentioned above for AW14:


First things first, Frida Gianini revived 1960s London through her collection at Gucci and showed people that it is more than possible to recycle a trend in style. Not only was the inspiration obvious, but it was so well tailored that you felt you were part of that time-frame.



As it is not always only about furs, Karl Lagerfeld proves he knows how to distinguish the esteemed house he is creative director of at the same time, and he does it perfectly well. His love for fabric, texture and ideal 60s inspiration is clear in this collection and proves that once more, he is one step ahead of everyone.


Of course, Prada cannot miss the deal with the 60s. Highly inspired by art, the brand blends in all the art and fashion one could find in this era in a perfect melting pot to feast the eyes. We canot blame anyone for wanting a piece of this collection, as well as of all the others.



With their rooted Italian family portrait present in every single collection from the proviso seasons, Dolce&Gabbana never cease to amaze us on how adaptable their creations can be. Their love for the fabric is clear and their devotion for quality is unmissable.

Saint Laurent

A brand that was at its peak in the 60s, with the introduction of the tuxedo for women, could not find a more appropriate moment to take onto the inspiration from that specific era. With its jacquard skirts and fesses, mary-jane shoes and Marianne Faithful hair, Hedi Slimane rocks the runway.


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