Inspire ME To Follow My Dream #5: Blushing Goodies

//Inspire ME To Follow My Dream #5: Blushing Goodies

It’s a new month, meaning a new talented designer!

Since we already had coats and dresses, i was thinking it’s time to accessorize and what better way to do it, if not through a jewelry designer?

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If you do not know already, INSPIRE ME is a project, which was created to promote talented people from all over the world and to inspire other people who have talent TO DO what they LOVE and stop wasting any other minute on doing what others want from them. It is a big project, but i am sure that together we can create a community where people are not afraid to be amazing and show what awesome things they can do.

Few words from Estilo Tendances side

We were introduced to Diana’s work through her Facebook page. I saw the beautiful necklaces and felt in love instantly. I knew back then that i had to have her participate in this project because she is the perfect candidate for it. We didn’t have the chance to actually meet, but we exchanged emails and she is very friendly and it is easy to work with.


But, let’s get to know her!


  • A few words about yourself

Hello, Estilo-Tendances readers. My name is Diana Luce, and I live in Timisoara, Romania. I consider myself to be open-minded, communicative and tenacious.

Aaa… and creative, I guess. I’m an art enthusiast, that’s for sure.

  • What is your dream and when did it started?

I believe it all started as a manifestation of my artsy side. I’ve always loved handmade activities, and I had that willingness to experiment with different objects and materials, doing all kind of things for myself. However, I’ve somehow organized my ideas, in 2012, when I made a blog so I could share my passion with others.

 I started creating my own jewelry (especially necklaces) and wore them around. The urge to give my creations a name, came from the positive remarks and countless questions (… and “orders”) regarding the jewelry I wore. This is when I began to wish to share my passion, and when I realized that my creations may have potential.

  • Tell us more about what you do?

Blushing Goodies represents the embodiment of the creative spirit of a person who works full time in a area where creativity is manifested less, or however in a different form. This is why I do not consider it to be a business. At least not yet.

I work as a full time lawyer, so this is not my primal source of income. I create for my soul. Combining different elements and materials and transforming them into something beautiful and wearable is what keeps me relaxed, happy and positive.

On the other hand, there are the connections I made with the girls that wear my jewelry, and the friendships I developed. This is something I appreciate a lot.

So my “Blushing Goodies” project is a piece of my soul and fortunately it developed alike.

  • Why did you choose to follow your passion?

I guess it was inevitable to do so. I just felt I had to share what I like to do and nowadays this is such an easy thing to do. Having all the opportunities that online environment offer us, you’re just a click away from sharing your creations and ideas with the world.

In terms of support, I had my mother aside, from whom I’ve also inherited my skillfulness. My boyfriend is always there for me and also a few close and reliable friends

  • Is it important that people do only what they love?

I strongly believe that only doing what you like gives you that lusted after feeling of accomplishment, despite all related clichés. Even if sometimes doing what you love, implies compromise, fatigue or stress, it will pay off for sure, by the end of the day.

  • What qualities a person must have in order to succeed with their own dream?

Ambition, perseverance, commitment, boldness, willingness to always try new things, and the strength to see beyond the everyday problems.

  • What are your goals for the nearest future?

I would like to manage to widen Blushing Goodies future prospects. I plan to vary the materials for my jewelry and manipulate them in the sense that they become more versatile, more precious.

I’m also planning in manipulating the time in order to give myself the opportunity to create more unique pieces with personality, pieces that tell a story and to whom more and more women can identify themselves with. I’m also craving for a beautiful and enchanting workspace.

I have a few collaborations ahead, that I’m looking forward to and also a possible partnership with an online store.

  •   When things so south, where do you find strength to move forward?

Family and friends, for sure.

  • Where do you get inspired from?

Inspiration is a strange thing. There are times when it strikes and times when it doesn’t.

However, nature inspires me the most. The little details that are around us are just mesmerizing if you pay attention to them. Traveling is also a source of inspiration, along with the people I know or get to meet.

I also follow blogs, read fashion and art magazines.

  • Where can we find you if we want to buy your products?

You can find my creations on my Blushing Goodies Facebook page, on my blog or in my Inspiria store. Just write me a message if you like something, or want something personalized just for yourself.

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