Hello, darlings! Hope everyone is in a good mood and ready to learn some new things related to fashion, style and beauty when comes about clothing. Today’s article will be about how to wear turtlenecks and here we are going to teach you what type of trousers, pants and jeans will look brilliant paired with a long sleeved turtleneck and also, which colours should be worn to stay stylish on an autumn day.

Before getting started with the mix and match of the how to wear turtlenecks part, I just want to line the fact that you can find turtlenecks sweaters, blouses, long sleeves, jumpers on every single clothes shop that you like. They are so in right now and every girl should have at least one long-sleeve turtleneck in her wardrobe.

For me it started around three weeks ago, when I went to TopShop and because the weather in the U.K. is not that nice and I had to get prepared for the worse, I went straight to the long sleeve shelves. Smart office look is one of my favourites so I grabbed two different long sleeve turtlenecks from the hanger and got into the fitting room. Love at first sight! Bought both of them and just imagine that I wasn’t really a fan of turtlenecks before, but definitely, I am now!

Let’s see how we should match turtlenecks to obtain different styles for every occasion!

How To Wear Turtlenecks

Turtleneck Styles  

From cotton to cashmere, you can find different types of materials that allow your skin breath when wearing a long sleeve turtleneck. I heard between my friends that they can’t wear turtlenecks because they are allergic to them. Neah, that’s not true, you can have an allergy because of the material but not because of that fancy long neck style, plus it will keep you warm and also there is no need to worry about accessorizing your outfit with a scarf on a windy weather. So, you just have to find the perfect material for you and start wearing turtlenecks.

Like I said before, turtlenecks can be worn everywhere; from a fancy evening party to a morning running in the park. Change of scenario, and fabrics of course. Let’s discuss a few styles paired with turtlenecks!

#TurtleNeck Pullover Style

how to wear turtlenescks

Broadwick Pullover by Unique


I simply love this one! I bought this turtleneck pullover two weeks ago, and I can say that it’s a really good investment. I can wear it with my sport Airmax shoes paired with some high waist jeans and also with my pretty oxfords and a skirt (actually, I just want to wear it every day). Both of them can make a gorgeous outfit for an autumn day.

And the good thing about turtlenecks is that they are so decent and gave you a smart look, which is exactly what you need when you don’t know what else to wear to work. So simple to pair them with something and look great in no time! Which is exactly what we need, am I right?

#TurtleNeck Dress Style 

how to wear turtlenecks

Turtle Neck Jersey Dress by Glamorous


Go for a rock look and wear a turtle neck dress with a pair of boots. Perfect outfit for a day out with your friends; also, don’t forget to take your raincoat, just in case…


how to wear turtlenecks


For a more sophisticated but also playful look, try something colourful: turtleneck dress with some crop boots and accessorize your look with a long scarf around hands. If I want a tidy, clean but also sophisticated outfit I will definitely go for this one! Do you see yourself wearing something like this?

#TurtleNeck Jumper

how to wear turtlenecks

Emma Wide Set Roll Neck Jumper (left; right) Nicole Turtle Neck Crop Jumper (middle)


Probably everyone owns a jumper, even if is with cowl/turtle or roll neck, in my opinion they are the most comfortable pieces when comes to clothing for this season. Paired with leggings or high waist jeans, even with a skirt or shorts, it will look good on any of those situations. Have you thought about your work outfit for tomorrow? If not, here you have the answer!

#TurtleNeck Top Style

how to wear turtlenecks

ASOS Turtle Neck Crop Top in Rib


how to wear turtlenecks

ASOS Top in Turtle Neck with Stripe and Long Sleeve


how to wear turtlenecks

Daisy Street Crop Top With Turtle Neck


Which is your favourite one? Be a fashion week diva wearing the black crop top with turtle neck and some loose trousers or you can be a lost tourist for a day with an amazing stripe outfit; and if the first two are not good enough for you, just be ready to go for a party in some leather leggings, heels and, of course,the main and most important item from your gorgeous outfit: crop top with turtle neck and long sleeve.

Girls, this is all about how to wear turtlenecks, hope that you enjoyed our article and learned something new. I am sure that by now everyone of you knows by now how to make a magazine cover look from a turtleneck jumper, crop top, dress or a pullover. Start your day with some stripes on you, go for your lunch in a jumper and end your day in a rockish way with a dress. Let’s have a wonderful and fashion season wearing turtlenecks!

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Feature image: Asos

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