How To Wear Tribal Trend

//How To Wear Tribal Trend

As the nature changes quickly around us in the spring time, we feel more grounded and therefor more influenced by it. Spring/summer season is when grey hibernation period turns around, blossoms in color and invites us to live out the roaring attitude that was held back by the winter cold.

The origins of tribal fashion are based on almost 8,700 years of history. The tribes in Africa, India and Latin America are considered a pattern of innovation of cultural diversity and growth. The cults are proud of their bodies and glorify them with decorations that they find from the nature or hand-make. The spirituality and the contact with nature are the key elements in the choice of clothing, as well as climatic conditions and daily life rituals.

African tribes, such as the Woodabee, focus on highlighting the most beautiful areas of their bodies, which is why the decorations are mostly added to hair and on/around the face. Clothing is usually light and made of white or palette colored cotton. Latin America is the mother of ancient populations like the Aztecs and the Mayans in Mexico, the Quimbaya and Muiscas in Colombia, and the Incas in Peru. Many of these populations are extinct, but thanks to the collections of their local museums we are able to know their customs to a specific details of the prints/patterns and the fabrics/materials that were used such as fibers from the wood, leaves, flowers and cotton. In India, the Adi women wear cloaks embroidered in multiple colors while men use furs from deer and bears. Accessories are essential to show the other members their marital status.

The Western world of fashion started having influence from these areas because of the colonization period. Catwalks and editorials striked of tribal trend after Poiret’s orientalism and Yves Saint Laurent spring/summer 1967, from year 2000 it hit the streets and was developed every year as we can see from Lanvin 2007, resort lines by Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Missoni 2012, accessories and embellishments on clothing, shoes, bags 2013 and Stella Jean, Givenchy, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Etro, Chloe 2014.

Either booking tickets to the music festivals or plan a trip to the countryside/abroad, at least piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or accessories should have some tribal prints beating the drums in your luggage. From African prints to Aztec patterns, SS 14′ takes a modern turn on tribal as on every other trend that returns each season. When before the trend was daring tribal then this spring/summer season designers set the bar even higher and took inspiration from different regions and hints of folklore around the globe. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when wearing the tribal trend this season.

Do you dare to go wild?

1. African Prints

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South-African fashion scene is catching a lot of attention in the world of fashion on a global level. So if simple summer hats are just not daring enough for this spring/summer season then playful African prints and bright colors are waiting to be worn along with the head wraps.

Buffy pencil skirts, dresses, oversized blazers, trousers, high-waist shorts/mini skirts and two pieces are the main elements when thinking African prints on the streets. Try to give a modern and a little more reserved touch to your outfit with adding plain garments such as shirts and cardigans. Choose bright colors that match or entirely contrast the prints!

There is no limit on how many pieces of clothing or accessories should have different prints or also patterns on them! This is the beauty of wearing African print, there is no wrong way of wearing it! Try the printed swimwear if want to distinguish from the crowd on a busy day at the beach.


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2. Latin American Patterns

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Monochrome and Aztec patterns have been in the center of the fashion weeks for many spring/summer seasons. When African prints can be a little too daring, then wearing patterns is a good way to style down the tribal trend. Wear it with simple skinny jeans or folded midi skirt. If choosing monochrome, add some bright colors with other pieces, shoes or bag. Aztec patterns on the other hand could be simplified when combining them with neutral colors.

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3. Accessories And Nails

Last year, the tribal trend was mainly presented on the catwalks through accessories. Prints and patters, animal shaped and made of natural materials, designers follow the pristine style and combine it with other trends season after season. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces combined with matching nail art is the perfect way to try tribal trend throughout the seasons.


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5. Bag

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Bag is the most important piece when finishing your outfit! It should be the statement for others to see and the guide for you to follow when choosing the trend. Since tribal has gone viral this spring/summer season and is so versatile, then there is a bag with prints, patterns or embellishments to suit with any mood! Don’t forget to match the shoes and the accessories with it!

image1xxl (11)

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5. Shoes

image1xxl (13)

When following tribal trend for the whole outfit is really too daring for you, then safe, but fun way to try the colorful prints and patterns as embellishments on the shoes. Fun way to add some colors to your casual style in the spring/summer season!

image1xxl (12)


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Do you own a tribal print item in your wardrobe?

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