How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

//How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

Any woman should have a midi skirt in her closet! This versatile item of clothing is not a new entry into the fashion world, but rather a long-lasting piece that screams sophistication and style. Of course, the midi can be worn by anyone, but some may associate the length of the skirt or the dress with a country’s wealth and prosperity.

Before going through some inspirational photos and some tips in order to make the best of this clothing item this fall, I want to pass throughout some of the relevant historical periods in fashion industry and the popular length of the skirt according to the period in case.


Until the World War I, the streets were dominated by the long, down to the floor skirts and dresses. Only after the world, in the pre-’20s, the hemline started to rise a little denoting an independence gain from the women’s side.

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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Woman in the ’20s

In the ’20s the women starting to be more independent and also more daring, therefore, the hemline of the skirt raised above the knee.

After the World War II and while after the Great Depression, as expected, the hemline dropped once again and the women started to wear long dresses and skirts. However, the ’40s and the ’50s period brought popularity to the midi length dresses and skirts, this length being seen as a proof of elegance, class and sophistication especially in what concerns the pencil skirt.

In what concerns the ’60s…well…the so popular and beloved mini skirt was invented by the British fashion icon and designer Mary Quant. She encouraged the fashion for fun movement and the rest is history!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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In the ’60s women started to see the miniskirt as the IT item of the period!

During the ’80s and the ’90s the word independence is one of reference. The dominating length for the dresses and skirts remained the mini, but midi and maxi were also worn with style.

Now, that you know so many things about the popular skirt lengths and their glory times, let’s see how you can incorporate the midi skirt  into the current fashion scene. I say that the midi length just shows so much about a woman. Turn around and observe: how many women wear it? And what type of women see in the midi skirt the sophistication itself? Well..exactly the fact that strong and confident ladies see the midi length the most appropriate for them gives you a reason to start considering it for your next amazingly sophisticated look.

Here is our complete guide on how to wear the midi skirt this fall in order to make the best of this impeccable item!

#1 The pleated midi

Even if some of us might associate the pleated skirt with the scholar style, I say a pleated midi can work wonders on any outfit you have in might. Go with a simple white shirt or with an interesting blouse and you won’t fain in being admired. Watch the following photos and get inspired by the street style:

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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 A burgundy pleated midi will pop up immediately!


The outfit that knows no mediocrity: pleated fuchsia skirt, vintage flowery printed blouse and nude Louboutins!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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For an edgy look, go for the faux leather midi and ankle boots! If you want to ad an the final rock touch to your outfit, pun on your biker leather jacket!

#2 The stylish midi

We’ve agreed that the midi length itself screams sophistication and style, but there are some pieces that surpass everything you’ve ever seen in terms of class! You’ve already figured I am talking about those IT skirts every woman wants to own! I give you some hints: tulle, volume, texture..

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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I promised you tulle. And here it is in its gorgeousness!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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 Did I mention volume? This mesmerizing piece can be worn as a wedding skirt, also!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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And of course, the texture. The wool midi will NEVER go out of fashion. It’s classic and cool, being versatile and having no problem in adapting to new fashion tenancies!

#3 The printed beauty

Whatever the length, one of the first characteristics you’ll firstly see on a skirt is the print on it! It can be blossoms, animal print or checkered pattern and as long as you style it with taste, your outfit is gonna catch all the eyes on the streets!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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The blossom printed midi skirt looks incredible with complementary tones of fuchsia and white! What do you say?

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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And my favorite printed midi is question less the poppy flower printed skirt! Don’t let yourself fooled by the summerish feel of the skirt! Combine it with a nude sweater and you’re gonna rock this fall.

#4 Color blocking 

When it comes to color, we simply adore color blocking. Why? Well..there isn’t something more catchy and modern than combining strong colors. The result will be unbelievable, I promise! In the era in which the main driver of the fashion world is that “there are no rules in fashion”, choose whatever you like and just wear it with attitude!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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Green and purple looks awesome on the checkered shirt and together with the emerald green skirt!

How To Wear The Midi Skirt This Fall

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Uh la la! Now this is the way to go: red midi with blue and white striped blouse. The cat eye sunglasses go perfectly with the skirt!


My darlings, I hope my guide brought over some sympathy for this incredible piece– the midi skirt. I encourage you to wear it with attitude, show your personality and try to make the best of it season after season!

 Are you now convinced that midi is the IT garment of the fall season?

Comment bellow and tell us which are your favorite pieces!

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