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Last time we did How To Style Dirty Hair: Long Hair, now it is time to do the same for those with short hair. Some might think that it is easier for people with short hair to style it and wash it, but we all get tired sometimes of the same routines, not to mention that styling short hair is many times harder.

How To Style Dirty Hair – Short Hair

how to style dirty hair

Day 1:

Try not to use too many hair products if you have short hair, all they are going to do is make your hair get greasy and look dirtier, faster! Wash it, use not too much conditioner, and never put it on the roots, apply heat protection spray and a small amount of volumizing mousse. Let your hair air-dry until it is almost dried off. Then use the blow-dryer to finish the look. While your hair is still warm, twist the front sections around your face, using your fingers, to get some relaxed waves. If you cannot do it like this, use the straightening iron to do the small waves.

Tip: To get a very shiny hair, blast with cold air after you finish styling it. This way, you will close the cuticles and reduce frizz.


how to style dirty hair


Day 2:

If your hair is pixie-short, styling should not be such a problem, but you get tired of the same look. In order to change is a little bit and still divert the focus from your greasy dirty second-day hair, use a headband. For the formal social events, try one that sparkles, like crystals or diamonds headband. For everyday use, braided fabrics or leather hair bands do the trick and also they give you that boho chic look. If you want to obtain a tiara-effect, place the headband close to the hairline.

Tip: Try not to push the headband into position, because this will exaggerate oily textures.

how to style dirty hair

how to style dirty hair

Day 3:

Even though the hair is very dirty, this special texture can actually help you obtain a really good look. Why not attempting a coif if the dirty hair can hold its shape? Apply a bog amount of shade-matching dry shampoo to absorb all the oil excess. Then, pump some mousse into your hands and run it through your strands. Your hair might feel dirty, but it will look chic and sleek.

Tip: If you have grown out pixies or a long bob, secure your strands with a large barrette at the nape of your neck in order to obtain the same look.


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