How to Pick a Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

//How to Pick a Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day
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When you visit friends and see their great wedding photos on the wall, don’t you get a little jealous?

Around the world, photos are important, especially on the biggest day of your life.

Having pictures you can be proud to display at home that help you remember your big day is vital. But what do you look for in a wedding photographer?

Here are some tips on how to pick a wedding photographer for your wedding day plans!

Easy to Work With

Ask if your photographer has references.

Do their past clients say that the bridesmaids felt too rushed? Or do they say that the bridal party loved working with the photographer and felt like they had enough time and instruction to get into poses without feeling awkward?

Any photographer who won’t give you references likely won’t be a great choice. It could suggest they have unhappy clients they want to hide.

You can learn plenty of interesting tidbits by asking the right questions. Don’t be afraid to ask if they had any complaints or if there were things they wished their photographer had done differently.

Most people will be honest, and their answers will help you pick the best wedding photographer for you.

Artistic Factor

What kinds of photos do you like? Compile a collection, your own favorite wedding photos portfolio if you will, of the beautiful wedding photos that catch your eye. Visit Pinterest to help you find the right photo styles for your big day.

Photos and videos like this Super 8 Wedding Film are particularly artistic, and style like that will be eye-catching to help you remember your wedding day.


There are two ways to determine your budget for photos:

You can choose to spend a percentage of your budget on photos and video for your wedding. The best recommendation is to spend about 20% of your budget for this item, that way you make sure you still have 80% left for things like the wedding and reception venues, invitations, food, and attire.

The alternative is choosing to spend a fixed amount. Perhaps your budget is small, but a specific look for your photos is very important. Find out exactly how much your requirements will cost, and base your budget on that number.


Is your photographer going to be someone who helps you achieve the event you are dreaming of?

Some photographers are there to make sure that your wedding day goes smoothly. They are unintrusive and hang back so that you remember more of the look on your groom’s face as he walks down the aisle than you do of a big umbrella flash taking up space.

Other brides know they will remember their love no matter what; they would rather make sure they have a perfect shot of his adoration of how beautiful she looks.

No matter your preference, make sure your photographer knows exactly what you’re going for. Check out their portfolio to make sure their philosophy is the same as yours.

How to Pick a Wedding Photographer: Making Your Decision

Now you have a better idea of how to pick a wedding photographer. With these things in mind, choosing a photographer to capture your love will be no problem. For more ideas on wedding planning, visit us today!

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