How to Dress Like a Cowgirl: The Complete Guide

//How to Dress Like a Cowgirl: The Complete Guide
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Giddy up cowgirl! It’s time to buckle your boots and head out on the town. Cowgirl attire is cute and looks amazing on anyone, even if you don’t live on a farm.

Learning how to dress like a cowgirl when you weren’t raised as a cowgirl can be a bit challenging at times. How will you know what real cowgirls wear? How will you know when you’re overdoing it or under-doing it? 

You want to find the right amount of western style to create an authentic cowgirl look. So, whether you’re wanting to switch your wardrobe up, find the right Halloween costume, or simply start living the cowgirl life, you’ll want to read our guide below. 

In our guide, you’ll find all the information you need to dress like a cowgirl. If you’re ready to trade in your stilettos for a pair of cowgirl boots for the day, then continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know!

Denim and Whites

Denim is popular with cowgirls because you can get it dirty without leaving stains, and it protects you from injuries or bites while living the farm life. Having blue jeans on will protect a cowgirl if she were to fall off of a horse or bull. 

The tight-fitting jeans leave little room for the loose fabric to get caught on something, causing injuries. Denim jeans will also protect against poison ivy and pesky insects. To dress like a cowgirl, consider wearing lots of denim. 

You can wear denim jeans or even a denim dress. Try mixing it up a bit by adding in some whites as well. A white blouse with denim jeans will look wonderful. 

You can also try a white belt over a denim dress. Any way that you can find to mix whites and denim will have you looking like a cowgirl in no time! 

Cowgirl Boots and Hat

No cowgirl outfit would be complete without a proper cowgirl hat and boots! A nice cowgirl hat will look amazing with just about any casual outfit you have in your closet. It’s a great accessory to have because, with one touch of a cowgirl hat, you can turn any outfit into a full cowgirl ensemble. 

Boots are another must if you’re looking to create a real cowgirl feel. Imagine life on the farm in a pair of white sneakers or flats. Real cowgirls need boots to fit into the saddle’s stirrups securely. 

They also need a quality pair of boots to trek through mud, dirt, and clay. If you’re going to use your boots for a cowgirl’s lifestyle, then you’ll need to find a high-quality pair. If you simply want a pair of cowgirl boots for an outfit’s accessory, then you can purchase a less expensive pair. 

Tribal Patterns

Tribal patterns are fun, unique, and colorful. They give a bit of splash into any cowgirl outfit. You can find tribal patterns on dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, and more. 

Find one piece to use in your outfit and then match it up with your cowgirl boots or hat. If you find a nice sweat or shirt with tribal patterns on it, you can pair it with a pair of denim jeans and boots! The look is casual, yet super cute and totally cowgirl!

Oversized Belts

Oversized belt buckles are popular amongst western attire. As a cowgirl in training, you should consider purchasing a few oversized belt buckles of your own. Some cowgirls like to show off their favorite animal to hunt or their last name by showcasing it on their belt buckle. 

Others simply enjoy the look and style of the belt. You can find oversized belt buckles in just about any style. Search for one that fits your personal preference, place it over your denim jeans, and head out the door in confidence!

Plaid Patterns

Plaid patterns are also quite popular in cowgirl western wear. You can wear a plaid shirt or blouse or even a plaid scarf around your neck. All of these items mixed with denim jeans will create a stunning cowgirl look. 

Imagine yourself walking out the door wearing denim jeans, cowgirl boots, a plaid shirt, and a cowgirl hat. It’s the complete cowgirl look. Don’t be afraid to mix things up either. 

Plaid can come in all different colors and not just red and dark blues. 


Red bandanas are another way to bring on the cowgirl look. You can wear them in your hair as a headband or wear them around your neck to keep warm or as an accessory. Tie your hair up with one if it begins to get in your way.

Red bandanas look amazing with plaid, whites, and denim, so no matter what type of cowgirl outfit you decide on, you can always complete the look with a red bandana.

Learn How to Dress Like a Cowgirl!

Push your fancy pearls and your formal dresses to the side. It’s time to start feeling like a real cowgirl. With this guide in mind, you’ll be saying, “yee-haw” before you know it!

Use these tips listed above to help you when you decide to put together your own cowgirl outfit. You might even already have many of these items sitting around in your closet just waiting for you to put them together to create the cowgirl look!

Now that you know how to dress like a cowgirl, take a few moments to visit some of our other fun posts with helpful information as well. 

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