How to dress casual smart for work can be one of the hardest tasks and questions that occur on a daily basis. However, whether you work full-time or part-time, it is a task that you have to endure. Purchasing workwear shouldn’t be a bore but instead your chance to express yourself and your personality whilst abiding by a dress code. The easiest way to do this by following a set of rules or guidelines that become a go-to when shopping for your working wardrobe.

Where do you work?

Are you on the go? In an office? Travelling? Whilst looking fabulous is always important to both your style and your confidence, being comfortable is also necessary- because no one likes a wardrobe malfunction whilst on the go.

Does your workplace/company provide  you with a dress code?

First  of all, let’s tackle the dreaded words, ‘smart-casual’, I know, could this term be any more vague if it tried? Google (I know that’s your first go-to) defines smart-casual as neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress codeSo, what can I wear to work?

  • Neat – Always

  • Conventional- A touch of monochrome

  • Relatively informal- a form of expression

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

#1 Trousers

Trousers are a wardrobe staple and most certainly an investment piece. Having said this many high street designers have perfected tailored trousers at an affordable price meaning you can buy multiple pairs. During this upcoming AW15 season, I would opt for deep and dark colours such as blacks, purples and maroon.

  • MUST BE: Tailored

  • COLOUR: Dark

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Missguided US – Black Marilyn Cigarette Trousers

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Missguided USCrepe Cigarette Trousers Burgundy


#2 Skirts

Skirts are all the rage this season and the array of textures they come in are simply to die for. Dressing casual smart for work means you should incorporate all the hottest trends of the season rather than classic shapeless suits and a lack of tailoring. My favourites this season are suede skirts. Whilst we all love leather unless you are willing to go designer I would stray for faux high street leather. Whilst they are perfect for city partying they do not have the same professional presence in the workplace.

  • MUST BE: A-line, Pencil

  • COLOUR:  Darks, neutrals

  • LENGTH: Knee length or just below
How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

EXPRESSWomens Blue High Waisted Midi Pencil Skirt Blue 

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Iris von ArnimSkirt Durell

#3 Dresses

Shift dresses are my all time favourite and after seeing a constant array of Victoria Beckham runway shows are we even surprised? Between the Victoria Beckham shift dress and the DVF wrap dress is it any reason why we find ourselves spending our wage on these pieces? Of course, these can be used as a source of inspiration when dressing for work. You want to go for timeless, effortless, sleek and sophisticated as opposed to bold and vibrant prints than can sometimes be a little too overpowering.

  • MUST BE: Shift, Wrap

  • COLOUR: Experiment, think colour rather than print

  • LENGTH: Knee length
How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Victoria BeckhamDeep V Bouclé Shift Dress Navy

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Victoria BeckhamOpen bow back double crepe shift dress

#4 Blouses

I love AW for the simple reason that pussybows are back. The iconic trend that was favourited by the only ever female prime minister in Britain is powerful and epitomises the Chloe/Celine Parisian chic.

  • MUST BE: Classic

  • COLOUR: White

  • LENGTH: Sleeves are chic for AW15
How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

FarFetchMOSCHINO pussybow blouse

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

MissguidedPleated Front Pussybow Blouse White

#5 Coats

We all want to channel our inner Blair Waldorf and wear a new coat everyday but, realistically, this is impossible. A coat is my favourite wardrobe piece both off and on duty. Remember, your dress code applies to what you wear in work not you wear to work so by entering the office wearing a flawless coat you are sure to make a statement. Choosing a coat is a difficult task. Trench coats are perfect for rainy days, or oversized duffles for those winter mornings, not to mention where do we fit capes in all of this? Can we have them all?

  • MUST BE: Amazing

  • COLOUR: Oh, please

  • LENGTH: Take your pick
How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Neiman MarcusJason Wu Camel-Hair Capelet Trenchcoat

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Bloomingdale’sDKNY Hooded Cape Coat

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

ASOSGloverall Fitted Duffle Coat In Pale Pink

#6 Shoes

I adore heels and would wear them on a daily basis but this is a personal choice. I believe they add power and confidence to an ensemble plus extend the length of your fabulous pins when your legs are on show. They are also gorgeous with tailored boot cut trousers for exactly the same reason. Whilst its obvious we all want to fill our work wear wardrobes with Louboutins and Manolos your real investment piece should be in purchasing a pair of boots. Boots are on the boundaries of work wear as sometimes they can look a little too casual, but providing the rest of your ensemble captures all the necessary elements of formality you are always good to go.

  • MUST BE: Fabulous

  • COLOUR: Mostly black

  • LENGTH: Personally, always heels
How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

ASOS EASY TO KNOW Pointed Chelsea Ankle Boots

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

River IslandBlack smart over the knee boots

How To Dress Casual Smart For Work

Shop Savannahs Jimmy Choo Agnes black suede pump


So, what will you wear to work darlings? The possibilities really are endless and if I could provide you with any advice it would be stay clear of suits. Classic workwear whilst formal is boring and unflattering. Of course everyone works in a different setting but these are simply ensemble ideas. Add a touch of your only unique style and accessorising to fit both your personality and the workplace. Most of all feel fabulous and you can guarantee your day will be success – everything we could ask for.

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Feature image: Asos

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