How to Choose the Best Swimsuit Based on Your Body Type

//How to Choose the Best Swimsuit Based on Your Body Type
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The swimwear industry rakes in $13 billion dollars annually. We all buy in but everyone has something they are insecure about when it comes to how they look in a swimsuit. It is best to recognize your body insecurity and body shape to figure out how to turn that into confidence.

Here are our 2 cents on how to choose the best swimsuit to flatter your specific body type make a splash this 2018 swimsuit season.

Bigger Busts Need Support

The best swimsuit quality for women with larger busts is to have underwire. Added underwire and sizes that are based on your bra size will make sure your chest is properly supported.

Choosing your suit this way helps guarantee that there won’t be any swimsuit mishaps on the beach!

Support is the most helpful factor when choosing a suit for a bigger chest. This means it is probably not the best idea to opt for a string bikini.

String bikinis are flimsy and won’t be reliable for running around the beach. Look for swimsuits with thicker, sturdier straps for the most support.

Women with larger chests have the opportunity to embrace the feminine pin-up style. This retro pin-up look means polka dots and that’s always exciting to add to a summer swimsuit style.

Small Chests Can Take Risks

If you have a smaller chest, you can take more risks when it comes to your swimsuits. You don’t need the added support that other shapes need so feel free to wear triangle string bikinis.

This classic shape is versatile and has been paired lately with embroidered or crochet details. These woven styles make the bikini reminiscent of Summer music festivals and are perfect for a day at the beach.

If you have a smaller chest, you may want to create the illusion of having a larger chest. Look for swimsuits with embellishments or details like bows to add to that area. This adds style and dimension.

Another way to add to the chest area would be to look for swim tops with foam molded cups. Whatever the size, this will add a little bit of shape and material which adds size to the chest.

The Best Swimsuit for Tummy Control

Sometimes you just want to hide your tummy when you go out to the beach. This is okay! You can still look cute and wear a stylish, stomach-smoothing swimsuit.

When you carry your weight in your middle, you want to keep your stomach covered and flat as can be.

In this case, high-waisted bikini bottoms like these from The Orchid Boutique will become your best friend. They allow you to cover your problem area. The tight swimsuit material will also smooth out the middle section. Not to mention that high-waisted bottoms are on trend for the 2018 Spring Season!

These types of bottoms will also help you embrace your curves. With the attention off of your tummy, bring it to your curves! High-waisted swim bottoms bring the attention to where you might be most confident.

The key is in the details if you choose a one-piece instead of a bikini swimsuit. Look for swimsuits with ruching or a fun peplum to help conceal the tummy area. These type of details help distract the attention away from the stomach.

Playing with pattern and print also helps disguise any obvious pouches in the mid-section.

Another tip is to direct the eyes upwards. To achieve this, look for swimsuits with either a high or plunging neckline. Shoulder ruffles and complex straps also help direct the eyes away from your problem area.

The Secret Detail for Women with Pear Shaped Bodies

If you have a smaller chest and curvier thighs, you have a pear body shape.

The best swimsuit for people with a pear shape is one that utilizes a skirt panel on the bottoms. The skirt is a classic way to disguise that area.

You will want to make sure that the skirt hits just beneath the largest part of the problem area of the upper leg.

A one-piece is not the best swimsuit for this body type. It will be difficult if not impossible to fit both your chest and your bottom in one size.

Purchasing a two-piece swimsuit will allow you to customize the sizes of both pieces. That way you can buy a smaller top and larger bottom.

Flatter Your Athletic Body

Toned bodies might be lacking in curves. You will want to find swimsuits that flatter your athletic figure and give the illusion of curves.

Monokinis will work great for your shape. They have a lot of shapes and details built into the design. This will play up the natural curves you already have.

Experiment playing with color when you wear this fun style. Vivid color always work during the Spring and Summer months!

If you have broad shoulders and would like to minimalize the attention towards them, try to stay away from swimsuit tops that go straight across your body. It is likely your athletic body has strong shoulders. Any straight across tops like a bandeau bikini could make this area of your body look wider than it actually is.

One-piece swimsuits for Hourglass Body types

Having an hourglass figure means you are proportionate and curvy on both the top and the bottom. This means you can rock almost any swimsuit style.

However, one-piece swimsuits will flatter your whole body. This is the best swimsuit for this body type and allows for details like plunging necklines or even exposed backs. The Orchid Boutique has a great selection.

Even though it isn’t a mix-and-match bikini doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun a one-piece swimsuit. Play with fun prints and details like tassels to add style.

Confidence Is Key

Whatever you think is the best swimsuit for your body type, it is important to be confident in your summer swimsuit choice! If you want to stay on top of what is trending and other style predictions for this year, take a look at the style section of Estilo-tendances.

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