How to Buy a Watch For a Woman

//How to Buy a Watch For a Woman
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It’s important to be on time for your appointments. Lots of people agree since over 1 billion watches are sold each year in the world! How to buy a watch is a difficult question with so many fashions available.

From legendary to new, there are many types of watches!

Read on to learn more about watch types and styles and how to buy a watch for the woman in your life.

How to Buy a Watch

With so many choices, you need a place to start. This article will guide you through the basic workings of the movement type, display type, and watch styles.

From fashion conscious to earth conscious, find the watch type, display, and style that best suits the woman in your life.

Movement Type

Have you ever heard the term “quartz watch?” The term refers to electronic watches that are battery powered and controlled by a tiny quartz crystal. Electricity causes the crystal to vibrate. The crystal regulates the time.

Did you know there are solar-powered watches? Like anything solar-powered, these watches run on energy from the sun. The energy is stored in a rechargeable battery.

The batteries are long-lasting as long as the watch is exposed to light on a regular basis.

Kinetic watches are another type of watch. These use a weight that responds to the motion of the wearer’s arm. The motion operates a generator that supplies the power.

Display Type

Analog-display watches are the traditional clock-face watch with numbers from 1 to 12 displayed in a circle around the face. The hands point to the numbers to show the time.

Digital-display watches show the time in LED or LCD with the time in numeric format.

Watch Styles

There are lots of top brands for women, but it’s good to know what type of watch you’re looking for before you shop.

There are many shapes, styles, and colors, but most watches fall into one of three categories: Sports, casual, and dress watches.

Sports watches are durable and often waterproof and shockproof. They’re big and heavy with lots of functions. Sports watches are mostly for athletes, but weekend warriors can use them too, of course!

Casual watches are plain and simple and work with most every-day and casual outfits. The bands are usually thin and made of anything from plastic to leather.

Dress watches are more elegant with a traditional face and bands made from precious metals like silver, platinum, and gold.

Picking the Perfect Watch

Start with the type of watch your loved one will wear the most. Is she sporty? Does she need something functional and heavy-duty? Then begin with the sporty watch.

If you’re looking for a watch she’ll wear every day, you’ll want to look at casual watches.

Need something for special occasions? A dress watch is what you’re after.

If your loved one is stylish, but also eco-conscious, these watches are a great choice.

All Your Needs

Now that you know what to look for and how to buy a watch, it’s time for some more style tips!

Take a look here for the latest style updates and trends.

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