How To Handle Acne: Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Hi Lovelies! Today I would like to spend some words on a topic that is dear to me, and I think that may concerns many of us, that is acne.

I have to admit that it is not so easy to share my experience with you guys because I suffered of this skin condition, even if, to be honest, I was lucky enough not to have a really bad acne. I really hope that reading about someone else’s experience can help to live in a better way this bad situation, as it was for me at that time.

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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My Experience

When I was 22 (now I’m 24) I was going through an extremely stressful period of my life, mainly because of the University and of some familiar issues. Trying to do my best, I achieved the Bachelor’s Degree in the summer of 2012 and it was during that days that I noticed I had a lot of  small spots on my face. I though that it was strange because I had never had pimples in that quantity, but I didn’t worry because they were very little and not so “disturbing”. I though it was normal after such a stressful period, and also, some imperfections on my face have never bothered me.

But in the next months my skin became more and more sensitive, pimples came out on my cheeks (that is place where I have never had spots before), they were red and big and, above all, they hurt. When I slept at night laying my head on the cushion, the pressure caused me pain. I arrived at the point at which I avoided to look in the mirror because it really bothered me, and it made me so sad and upset to see all those unaesthetic “things” on my face. I got to the point when I couldn’t recognize myself. At that point I decided to go to a dermatologist who suggested a six-months treatment using antibiotics and a specific cream for acne. It took a while, but at the end of the six months my acne disappeared leaving just some scars on one of my cheeks (where I had the worst break-out).


Make-up Tips against Acne!

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Girls (and boys!), in this bad luck we are somehow lucky! We own a powerful weapon against acne, that is makeup. It is true that makeup can not make disappear the volume of the spot, but correct all the blemishes really helps our skin by providing a healthier look. I know how much vulnerable we feel when we’re struggling against acne, and this is why I believe that using makeup in the right way can improve our confidence and makes us feel better. So, here are some advice.


#1: Go to a Dermatologist

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Yes, go to a dermatologist as soon as you observe something “strange” on your skin! I know that it sounds quite obvious, but it is better for you not to waste time and money on products that are not specific: acne is not just a sporadic pimple on your nose, and it is not caused by the fact that you eat some Nutella. Acne is a more serious thing and you need a specialist to handle the problem and defeat it in a correct, fast and indefeasible way. The sooner you find the right treatment, the less is the risk that your skin remains with marks. Moreover, you need a specialist because having acne can be caused by several factors and is important to identify the right one in order to select the treatment that suits you better. It is clear that you cannot do this by yourself or reading blogs or watching video on YouTube. Remember: the treatment which is right for one person, it can not work on another one!

#2: Do not use many products. Choose the right ones!

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Acne skin needs a lot of attention. Don’t forget that you’re not dealing with your usual type of skin and this means that, probably, the products you are used with are no longer fitted for you.The main fact is that your skin is extremely delicate and sensitive at this moment, and you have to give to it what it needs, but nothing more than this. I suggest you to avoid any aggressive product like masks, clay and so on. Remember to moisturize the skin (the presence of acne doesn’t entail that the skin doesn’t need to be moisturized). Try to use natural products and, above all, avoid to use primers and foundations with silicone or use good quality ones. Remove your make up extremily well at night and wash everyday the brush you use to apply foundation! Avoiding this step will encourage the formation of bacteria, and this is why you also have to avoid touching your skin and your spots with the hands. Don’t use makeup when it is not necessary in order to let your skin breath.

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Tip: Two foundations that I suggest to cover up acne are: MakeUpForever HD Invisible Foundation and the Dermablend Foundation. Both give high coverage. The HD Foundation gives a natural finish and it exists in many shades and undertones, so you can easily find the right for you. I suggest to apply it with a flat brush in order to achieve higher coverage. Dermablend Foundation is an amazing product with high coverage and duration: it covers also tattoos and vitiligo.


#3: The Magic Colour is Green

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Green is the complementary colour of red. This means that if we apply a green concealer or a green foundation primer over our blemishes, the effect will be that we will neutralize the red shade of our spots! The first time I tried a green foundation primer I couldn’t believed it: it really worked! Obviously, you have to first apply the concealer(or the primer), and then apply over it a layer of foundation in order to have extra coverage. By doing this your makeup will  also last longer!


#4: Take Care of Yourself!

Acne is not just an unaesthetic issue, it also affects deeply our emotional state. I felt extremely insecure, simply ugly, not enough. “I’ve always had quite good skin, what did I do wrong? Why now that I’m 22?” I though.The first day of my Master’s degree course, that was in the middle of my breakout, I can promise you that I would pay whatever in order to have a good skin. I would meet a lot of new people and I felt so embarrassed with all that spots on my cheeks.

But more important than all this stuff is what I’ve learned

In my case, I am extremely convinced that acne came from stress. I understood that I made a mistake by demanding so much perfection from myself, ignoring the fact I was tired, ignoring what I really wanted at that moment of my life, ignoring my feelings and my needs. I’ ve learned to give importance to myself and to listen to what my body asks. I’ve promise to myself that I would never ever continue doing something that makes me feel bad or stressed. Because that thing is not of greater importance than me and my health. Mental and physical health are extremely important and, sometimes when we are very busy we forget to take care of ourselves.  Having acne taught me to think to my inner side.

How To Handle Acne-Confessions Of An Acne Fighter

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Even if acne is sometimes very hard to handle, there are some diseases more serious and incurable comparing to this. So feel lucky it passes! Don’ let this bother you, just be patience and smile. Don’t spend too much time on thinking about your spots, hang out with you friends and I can promise that they don’t care about your break-out and you will forget you have it.

You are the best cure of yourself! Just find a way. Choose always to shine.


Let me know if this article was of any help and share your own experience by commenting bellow!

It would be amazing if we could help and give some more advice for acne fighters!

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