Hot to Trot! The 5 Hottest Shoe Trends for Women in 2019

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Did you know that American women spend up to $30 billion on shoes per year?

Don’t let men shame you for your shoe buying habits! They spend almost the same amount per year as well.

Instead, why not go out and buy more shoes that fit with the 2019 trends? If you want to look great from head to toe, you need to take that saying literally, after all.

Find the perfect pair of shoes for any outfit among these shoe trends.

1. Embroidered Shoes are BACK

Sure, someone is going to comment that it looks like you’re wearing an old-fashioned carpet, but you’ll know how stylish you really are. There are so many different patterns and textures to choose from.

Embroidered shoes are exceptionally stylish. For summer, choose a mule, while in winter look for an embroidered boot.

2. Skinny Strap Heels

These skinny straps make it look like you’re barely wearing any shoes at all. But, make sure to practice wearing them on soft surfaces.

For women not used to wearing a heel, these shoes can be perilous! However, once you’ve mastered walking in heels, you’ll look and feel great.

Make sure to pack them for any vacation you go on, they’re definitely Instagram worthy. Check out the luxury shoes from Balenciaga for more Insta-worthy sandals.

3. Colorful Sneakers

If you love feeling comfortable, then you’re in luck. Colorful sneakers are here to make a fashionable statement in 2019.

They look great with a simple outfit or can be paired up with a wackier statement piece of clothing – such as a colorful top too.

The more the colors of your shoes clash with each other, the more likely you’ll be the height of fashion. You’ll definitely have everyone asking where you got that shoe.

4. Rock a Woven Sandal at the Beach

These are the perfect shoes for sipping cocktails in the sunshine and walking along the beach with a loved one.

Choose a sandal with a woven wedge for extra stylish flair. If this doesn’t work for you, choose an option which is woven on the top of your foot.

Then, don’t forget to pack this shoe for your next vacation along with nautical-inspired dresses.

5. Choose Multiple Bold Buckles

No matter how you feel about them, buckles are back in style!

Choose a pair of boots that has a ridiculously large buckle or multiple buckles and strut your stuff. You’ll see multiple buckles on stilettos, on sneakers, on flat shoes, and even on sandals.

If you’re someone who loves to rush out the door and slip on a pair of shoes, multiple buckles are simply not for you! Give yourself time to fasten them up properly otherwise walking around will be an uncomfortable experience.

Shoe Trends Come and Go

Love all of these shoe trends? Then it’s time to plan your wardrobe accordingly. These shoes can easily clash with the simplest of outfits.

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