Gucci Fall 2014 RTW Collection

//Gucci Fall 2014 RTW Collection

‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten’– Aldo Gucci.

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In 1921 Guccio Gucci opened his first clothing store in Florence selling leather good and luxury suitcases. Gucci had taken his inspiration from the English nobility he had met/bypassed whilst working in the Savoy hotel in London. Along with his son, the business began to establish a name for itself and by the 1930s local clients were on the rise. In the early 1950s, he opened stores and offices in New York and Milan and the business was taken over by Guccio’s three sons after his death in 1953. The brand became internationally renowned in the 1960s when film stars such as Grace Kelly bought and requested creations by the designers as they visited Florence. By the 1970s the brand expanded to the Far East and in 1981 the brand’s first runway show took place. In 1984, Gucci announced its new creative director … the one and only Tom Ford. Tom was responsible for the stiletto, jersey dress and silk cut out ensembles, now iconic of the brand.

The AW14 runway was like no other. The central focus of each divine piece was colour and you will soon see why.

*All colours have been matched to Pantone colour charts, however, are not necessarily accurate.


Intricate detail was everywhere on the Gucci runway for AW14. Even the simplest ensembles turn into the most sophisticated ones when ruffle detail is added, also present on the SS15 catwalk. This trend is perfect for those who despise fuss and exaggeration but have an overwhelming desire to seek experimentation.

Captain Blue, Forever Blue and Cashmere Blue

Captain Blue, Forever Blue and Cashmere Blue




Cloud pink, Crystal pink, Pink sand


It’s Autumn, my darlings! September/October is too warm for coats and too cold to go bare so how do we find our happy medium? Leather jackets are everywhere and on everyone so how can you embrace a trend that is overused and understated? Why a different colour of course. I adore this cloud pink leather jacket that looks both feminine and chic whilst fulfilling practicality. Gucci thinks of everything another reason why we adore this designer.


Mineral green, Green tea, Sylvan green

Mineral green, Green tea, Sylvan green

Yolk yellow, Yellow cream

Yolk yellow, Yellow cream

Winter coats are by far the most important AW14 wardrobe piece without exception. It happens far too often that our ensembles lack presence due to the need to wear a coat 24/7. So why not make that coat fabulous? Gucci have demonstrated how to experiment with style and exaggeration for those who seek it and show us how to make even the most simplistic coats excel through layering and amazing footwear. Just look at the nude/yellow suit/coat combination.



Collars, you either love or you despise them. This catwalk only paves way for one stance, we love them. There are many different ways you can work this trend without looking too ‘scholastic’ or making your outfit look too ‘simplistic and boring’. You can layer, accessorize, experiment with your hair and beauty or embrace it. Take a look below at the added glasses for accessorizing. The only comments you will receive are compliments my darlings.

Brick Red

Brick Red

The recurring theme throughout all these trends is the use of color. Sure we can all do coats, jackets, collars and ruffles but it is color that opens up the boundaries to transform your ensembles into something more.

The colors found on this runway were delightful and fabulous, which is your favorite?

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