Great Winter Makeup Guide For Matching Your Holiday Outfits

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The season of snow, fuzzy sweaters, and hot chocolate are here! While winter may be the coziest time of the year, it’s important to know how to match your makeup to the season.

Picking out the perfect winter makeup can be tricky, but not if you follow our winter makeup guide. Let’s explore different makeup tips and tricks, so you can perfect your winter look.

Your Go-To Winter Makeup Guide

As the final leaves of fall fade away under a blanket of fresh snow, it’s time to transition your makeup routine. Whether you’re getting dolled up for a black-tie Christmas party or sipping hot cocoa and watching funny safety videos, our winter makeup tips ensure you always look flawless.

1. Christmas Cheer Calls for Polished Sheer

First things first, put away your bronzer and save it for the summer. During the winter months, use a light pink blush on your cheeks for a polished sheer look. The pink will make your pale winter cheeks look naturally flushed and rosy on a cold winter day.

2. Cranberry Lips in the Winter

It may be a marshmallow world in the winter, but cold weather calls for cranberry lips.

Pack away your coral and bright pink lipsticks, those are best suited for spring and summer. Replace them with dark red or maroon shades that match your favorite red Christmas dress. Complete your cranberry lips with dark eyeliner and shimmery shadow, and you’ll be turning every head at your next Christmas party.

3. Get Your Glitter On

It’s the season for glitter! The days may be dark, but your face can shine as bright as the North Star this time of the year.

Start by painting your nails with silver glittery polish. Make your eyes pop with a streak of glittery eyeliner just above your lash line. Finish the look with your favorite glitter-based eye shadow, and you’ll be shining all night long.

4. ‘Tis the Season for Silver Bells

Bright eyeshadow clashes with your favorite winter sweater. During the coldest time of the year, steer clear of painting your eyelids with shades of bright pinks and greens. Instead, opt for something silver.

Create your own silver bells, thanks to your favorite matte smokey eye shadow. Add a layer of metallic shadow on top of your smokey eyes to give your face an extra pop of silver. Not only is this a festive look for the holidays, but it’s a winter-approved look that looks as stunning as the fresh snow outside.

5. Moisturize to Keep Your Skin Merry and Bright

If you want your skin to keep glowing past Christmas, then you must moisturize. Moisturizing is essential all year long, but it’s especially important during the cold winter month. If not, your skin can become chapped, itchy, and irritated.

During these frosty months, find a moisturizer that fits your skin. Wash your face twice per day. After washing, apply the moisturizer right away.

Keep a spare moisturizer in your purse for quick moisturizing on-the-go. Don’t over-moisturize your skin in the winter, but make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Stay in the Makeup Loop

Your makeup routine should change with the seasons. And thanks to our new winter makeup guide, we’ve got you covered until spring.

Keep up with all of the latest makeup trends, so you can keep your face shining with every new season. Check out our other makeup articles for more tips and tricks.

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