Glasses Style Guide: How to Look Cute With Glasses

//Glasses Style Guide: How to Look Cute With Glasses
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Glasses are the perfect example of form and function.

They’re useful, of course, for correcting your vision. But they’re also a great way to showcase a new aesthetic. If you’re wondering how to look cute with glasses, just keep reading.

Think about TV and movie characters like Jess from New Girl, Darcy from Thor, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, or Harry Potter from—well, you know. Their costume designers and writers gave them glasses for a reason. It might’ve been to look quirky, down-to-earth, smart, or interesting.

Similarly, you can use the perfect pair of glasses to give yourself a whole new look. Here are our tips on looking cute and seeing better:

Big Frames Make a Statement

If you want a big change, you can try some chunky or large glasses frames. This can become one of the biggest things people associate with the way you look. So for anyone out there who’s ready to be “that person with the cool glasses,” try a statement piece.

Sunglasses as Glasses

One trick you can do is to get sunglasses and replace the lenses with clear prescription lenses. There are two reasons for this:

The first is that you’ll have an easier time finding large, bold, and colorful sunglasses frames than regular glasses frames. If you go to your regular glasses shop, the selection will likely cater to the larger market of people who want average-sized frames.

And the second reason is that replacing frames opens up your shopping possibilities. You can shop for cool sunglasses at the local vintage store and find some one-of-a-kind frames. Just be prepared for rejection if the frames seem flimsy or damaged—some glasses professionals won’t put prescription lenses in frames that look like they won’t last long.

Fashion Inspiration

And if you want to see how the big glasses look is done, you can check out celebrities like comedian and actress Ali Wong, who’s known for her classic sunglasses-as-glasses trick. She rose to stardom in a large, red pair of cat-eye glasses.

Budding actress Awkwafina (also known as Nora Lum) goes even further, using chemistry safety glasses to complete her look.

Wear Your Glasses Like an Outfit

Lots of people choose glasses based on their facial structure. But what about the rest of your aesthetic?

If you’ve got a signature style that you put together with clothing, shoes, and makeup, you can think about how this will interact with the way your glasses look on your face.

This doesn’t mean everything has to be matchy-matchy. You can go for coordination over simple matching.

For example, if you’ve got a monochromatic style, you could get plain black glasses to blend in with your fashion choices. Or you could go for a pop of color for excellent contrast. That’ll keep all the attention on your face, where it belongs.

If you’ve got a bit of a bookworm or cottage-core look going on, lean into the aesthetic by getting tortoiseshell glasses. And if you borrow your style sense from Korean streetwear, you can get the round wire frames that are in fashion over there.

Mix It Up

It might seem odd to buy multiple pairs of glasses around the same time. After all, one is enough to correct your eyesight. Aren’t multiple pairs too much of a splurge?

Actually, the glasses market in this decade has gotten way more affordable than in the past. These days, brands can make high-quality, trendy glasses for cheap.

For example, a pair of glasses at Otis and Piper eyewear will cost you about $65. If you haven’t shopped for glasses in a while, you might be used to prices closer to $300. This means you can get two—or more!—pairs of glasses and still spend less than you would have in the past.

Like hairstyles and outfits, you can switch out your glasses depending on the mood and the setting. This is perfect for people who have fashion ‘alter egos,’ transitioning smoothly from one aesthetic to another.

So if you’re wondering how to look good in glasses when you’ve got a bunch of different styles, you might not even have to choose. Choose a pair for every version of you!

How to Look Cute With Glasses if You’ve Got a Slidy Nose

Humans have all kinds of different nose bridges, but glasses manufacturers don’t always take this into account. If you have a super low nose bridge, it might be hard to find glasses that won’t slide off your face or touch your cheeks.

One option is here to go with a light material. Try lightweight wire frames or even frameless glasses, where the earpieces are attached directly to the lenses. If the frames themselves are less heavy, they might have a better time staying in the right spot.

Another option is wearing glasses with little stems for your nose bridge. Some people find this uncomfortable, so try it in person first if you can. But for those people out there with low nose bridges, a frame with “feet” can be a game-changer.

And finally, you can try to control the oil on your face, so that even if your nose bridge is prone to slippage, it’ll have a little more traction. Try some blotting papers to soak up oil throughout the day, or a good face powder or oil-controlling lotion. The bonus here is that this will help you keep your whole face looking cute and fresh. 

See What We Mean?

Glasses can be major elements of your unique personal style. Once you take the time to figure out how to look cute with glasses that fit your aesthetic, you’ll be rocking your new eyewear with confidence.

For more tips on upgrading your look, check out the rest of our blog!

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