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Dreaming of getting your wedding featured on Style Me Pretty?

This popular wedding blog is a place where many fashionista brides want to be written about. If you know the secrets behind the weddings that get accepted, yours can be featured, too.

We’re here to spill those secrets.

6 Steps to Getting Published on Style Me Pretty

1. Send Color Photos

Black-and-white photos are a beautiful wedding tradition, but they don’t translate well to blogs.

People visiting a wedding blog want to see as much detail as possible.

In a black-and-white shot, the details, like the colors of the bridesmaid dresses or the shades of flowers in the bouquet, get lost. However, they will publish a few black and white photos. So, you can send a select set of those along with the color photos.

2. Tell a Story

People want to see the story of your wedding, not just the posed shots at the end.

Include shots of people along with shots of details. Readers want to see everything, from the time spent getting ready to the epic afterparty.

They also want to see the details of dress, decorations, and the things that make your wedding unique.

3. Give a Great Description

The more detail you can give here, the better.

Talk about your initial vision for the wedding. Explain the colors and the styles you chose. Don’t forget about the unique touches you added to reflect your personality in the wedding.

Remember the things that you want to read in wedding blogs.

Readers may not know the bride personally, but they are interested in the wedding choices she made, from flowers to cake to dress. The more specific information you can provide, the more interesting it will be to readers.

Plus, providing these details can help other brides figure out their own celebrations!

Wedding planners and other organizers can give the descriptions, but it’s best if it comes directly from the bride and groom.

4. Credit Your Vendors

You need to be able to provide names and URLs for the people you hired to help with your wedding.

Photography credits are absolutely necessary. In fact, Style Me Pretty won’t feature a wedding without them. You also need your dressmaker, fashion designers, and anyone else whose work is featured in your photos.

5. Provide a Video

Anyone with Facebook knows that web users love short, compelling videos.

If you have a beautiful wedding video that’s under 5 minutes long, that will make your wedding even more powerful online.

6. Read First

If you don’t know exactly how to approach your submission, take a look at the other things the blog has published. You’ll notice, for example, lots of editorial, magazine-style photos.

Take inspiration from those submissions to help you format your own.

Wrapping Up

If you can replicate the style of other successful submissions, you’ll be able to increase your chances of getting featured.

Getting your wedding featured on Style Me Pretty is the cherry on top of a beautiful day.

If you’re planning your wedding now, you can even get a head start. Plan the kind of wedding that gets featured on wedding blogs to make your submission even stronger.

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