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Every year, people are trying out new and innovative methods to lose weight. Some of those techniques can range from risky to outright exhausting. Yet, one of the oldest and simplest methods is to drink fat burning tea.

It’s obvious tea is not the first thing that comes to mind when trying to lose weight. That was only because there weren’t enough studies on its benefits. Thus, people kept focusing on other ideas.

What’s not in doubt is people want to shed a few pounds. Experts say there are several benefits of burning fat:

  • improved strength, energy, and performance
  • better cardio health
  • less joint pain
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • healthier brain function and sleep
  • better body shape

Having a body with less fat makes it possible to dress in your preferred style of clothes.

For these reasons, it is a great idea to add a less stressful way of losing weight to your usual routines. Drinking fat burning tea is fast and simple. It also has other uses as well.

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The Best Fat Burning Tea for You

Corporations produce many brands of tea. Traditional teas are popular again after people rediscovered their medicinal benefits. Thus, you have to look around to get the best loose leaf tea brands in the market.

Some of the common teas available include black, green, white, rooibos and barberry. All these teas are useful in fat burning. They speed up metabolism and block and reduce the number of fat cells.

Nevertheless, the best fat burning tea of all is green tea.

If you look around, you will be amazed by what you learn about green tea. It is changing the way people view health and fitness. For example, some of its benefits include:

  • reducing the risk of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.
  • improving brain functions due to the stimulant caffeine.
  • killing mouth bacteria through catechin compounds.
  • using its oxidants to reduce the risk of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer.
  • lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • good for detoxing and cleansing

These benefits make it a great addition to a diet. But it is its impact on weight loss that is creating a buzz in the fitness industry. Health enthusiasts are missing this simple addition to their fitness regimen.

Here are the ways green tea is helping in weight loss:

No more fat cells

Catechin compounds in green tea prevent glucose from converting into fat cells. Also, regulating blood sugar prevents the release of extra insulin.

Insulin controls your blood sugar by pushing glucose into the cells. When the cells don’t use the fat, it is converted into fat. That’s not good for your weight.

It boosts metabolism

Green tea heats up the metabolism. This makes it need more fuel for those chemical processes. Since fat is the body’s fuel, it burns a lot of it to generate enough energy.

Reduces appetite

Drinking green tea suppresses your appetite. It does this by making your stomach feel full. This prevents cravings for unhealthy foods that may make you fat.

Promotes fat excretion

A compound called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) increases the excretion of fat. It works better if you are engaging in some form of cardio exercise. As a type of catechin, it also blocks development of fat cells.

EGCG reduces lipid absorption, which would lead to fat storage.

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You can do other things to feel beautiful and dress better. Burning extra fat is just one way.

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