Fashion Alert! Top 5 Summer Clothing Trends You Need To Care About In 2019

//Fashion Alert! Top 5 Summer Clothing Trends You Need To Care About In 2019
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The fashion industry is expected to grow by approximately 4.5% in 2019. But upward mobility isn’t the only change happening.

Fashion trends are often here and gone before you can say, “fanny pack”. If you want to stay on top of your wardrobe game, you need an outfit for every occasion and type of weather. 

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to break out those flip-flops and sun hats. But that’s not all.

Keep reading to discover some of the hottest summer trends in 2019 that will keep you cool and comfortable this year. 


1. Patchwork

Patchwork is no longer just something your grandmother loves. It’s a fashion trend spotted on major runways from New York to Paris.

This style works perfectly for all types of clothes including, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, and shirts. For an eye-catching design, try sewing pieces of fabric of contrasting colors onto existing garments.

Patchwork looks great with block-colored accessories!

2. Puffed Shoulders

Although bold shoulders are not new to the fashion industry, you can expect even puffier ones in 2019.

Puffy shoulders work perfectly with square necklines on dresses. One thing you won’t need when rocking a blouse with large shoulders is a jacket. Not only will it take away from your style but it’ll appear bulky and uncomfortable.

3. Shield Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a summer staple. You can expect to see big sunglasses with an athletic twist in 2019. When shopping for oversized shield sunglasses, have 90’s sports in mind but go for something bigger and flashier.

If you feel bold, opt for colorful Oakleys. Alternatively, you can tone down the look with geometric, dark shades.

4. Shrunken Bags

This season, fashionable bags won’t be defined by shape but rather their size. Bags will shrink down to accommodate one or two small items like lipstick, a notebook, your phone. and car keys. This time, people will go for style over function.

An important tip for 2019 is to buy small versions of some of your favorite handbags. Bright colors such as red are great options to consider when purchasing miniature bags this season.

5. Boiler Suits

Every major fashion show across the world this year showcased a variety of utilitarian designs. Boiler suits are among the styles that stood out this fashion season. Although the design was originally a protective garment, people love boiler suits thanks to their fashionable yet functional design.

The best thing about this style is its simplicity – just pick the color and size that best suits you. Long-sleeved jumpsuits are a crowd favorite. Check out a reputable online fashion boutique for some cool designs made from quality material.

Animal Instincts Trends in 2019

Summer is here! Which means fewer clothes but more style. Keep your eye out for trends in 2019 that emphasize boldness and comfort, with a twist of minimalism. 

They say that fashion comes back around again and the reintroduction of jumpsuits and puffy shoulders are living proof. Looking for more fashion tips and advice? 

Check our blog and ensure you stay up to date on fashion trends for 2019 and beyond!






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