Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Scholar Style

//Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Scholar Style

It’s only August and the sun is burning more than ever, but the chilly autumn is slowly getting closer and closer. We presented here, on Estilo, plenty of trends like the wide leg trousers trend, the bomber jacket one, or the single earring trend. Now it’s time to see a trend which is embraced season after season by all fashion lovers: the scholar style! Kendall-Kylie-PacSun-Back to school- TeenVogue What hit the news some days ago was the fact the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, are launching a Back-to-School clothing line named PacSun. The collection will include 14 pieces through-out which maxi-length kimono and baby-doll dresses, as announced by the teenagers’ ultimate fashion magazine,Teen Vogue! Kendall-Kylie-PacSun-Back to school- TeenVogue Kendall-Kylie-PacSun-Back to school- TeenVogue

For incorporating this trend into your fall 2014 looks, you’ll need to follow some simple rules in terms of choosing the right shades for your clothing and adding some specific pieces to your outfits! I will approach each of them separately and give you some tips on how to wear them!


Clearly, when adopting a school-girl inspired outfit, you have to consider shades of black,white, blue and grey. Of course, tones of burgundy or other color are admitted, but pay attention at the color combination you choose!

The pleated skirt

 The skirt is a must in order to obtain the best from this kind of look! You have to keep in mind that trousers are prohibited :D! Beside the fact that it is a really chic element, the pleated skirt is very comfortable and versatile: can be worn in different combination as to personalize your outfit in accordance with your unique style.

two-tone pleated skirtModern pleated skirt in navy and white shades

Found on: net-a-porter

TIP: Play with the length and the fabric of the skirt to get a really modern look! Get some inspiration from the followings:

black midi pleated skirt- Scholar Style

Black midi pleated skirt looks awesome in a b&w combo!

Found on: Tumblr

Midi pleated skirt- scholar style

The midi skirt looks awesome in grey also!

Found on: Thedaybookblog

beautiful wool pleated skirt- scholar style

The wool pleated skirt represents an excellent choice, especially in the fall season!

Found on: faschionwitz.com

The shirt

The most common choice would be the simple, yet classy white shirt. However, a soft blue one wouldn’t be a bad choice to go with the above-mentioned skirt! For adding some personality to your look, go for some interesting details, like embroideries on the classic white shirt! Carolina Herrera spread collar silk shirt- scholar style

Carolina Herrera spread collar silk white shirt

Found on: Bergdorfgoodman

TIP: Choose an interesting shirt à la Blaire Waldorf to really stand out and rock your scholar-style outfit!

white shirt, blue skirt- Blaire Waldorf scholar style

This is what I call a mesmerizing scholar style outfit!

Found on: Tumblr

The hair style

Hair styling is crucial if you want your look to amaze! For a classical scholar style look, wear your hair down and use the headband as accessory to complete this young style! You can embrace tons of different styles and fabrics to match your every-day clothing!

steve-madden fall 2012 lookbookSteve Madden Fall 2012 Lookbook

Found on: Fashiongonerogue

taylor-momsen-filming-gossip-girl-scholar style

Taylor Momsem on the set of Gossip Girl wearing a super-chic scholar outfit accessorized with a blue headband

Found on: buzznet 

TIP: If you are not a big fan of the headbands, go for a more outrageous hairstyle like the messy one, or a compelling braid!

messy bun-scholar style

Messy is the new prim!

Found on: BeautyHigh


side brad- scholar style

The side braid goes hand in hand with the scholar trend!

Found on: thewonderforest

Shoes, shoes, shoes

In term of selecting your beloved shoes, this style allows you to be creative! You can either go with a pair of sneakers, brogues, or boots, depending on your mood! I personally love wearing under-the-knee boots together with my pleated skirt! brogues-oxford shoes- scholar style

Metallics are a must this season! Don’t hesitate to buy a pair!

Found on: shopbop

over the knee boots and pleated skirt- scholar style

The suede over-the-knee boots are marvelous in combination with pleated skirt and a baggy sweater!

Found on: alwaysjudging


Statement tights

A scholar look without tights isn’t e,v

en by far ,complete! Since forever, tights represented one of the most important item in creating such a school-girl outfit and you have to put some effort in finding the right ones! Let’s check out some types:

black heart tights- scholar styleBlack hearts tights are looking marvelous in an all black outfit!

Found on: indulgy.com

plain black tights- scholar style

Plain black tights for a chilly day out

Found on: Tumblr

over-the-knee tights

Over the knee tights are also part of the latest trends!

Found on: Thegirlnextdor


We’ve already checked out some of the most important accessories that make up an authentic scholar outfit. But let’s not forget about the amazing hat, the bag and of course, the tie! Even-though it is not mandatory to wear them, they add some style to the whole outfit and will surely help yourself to not pass unnoticed!


 Soft pink hat. Why not?! 

Found on: Berry.com

woman bow tie- scholar style

The bow tie mirrors the masculine influences on your look that will surely stand out!

Found on: The Sartorialist

asos bag- scholar style

A beautiful Asos green bag will add some color to the overall look!

Will you embrace the scholar trend this fall?

Comment below and tell us!

Feature image: Asos

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