Editor’s Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

//Editor’s Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

I have recently started working in a PR agency, and I have come to realize that you don’t have to have Vogue-worthy outfits everyday, especially when you have to bash the phone 12 hours straight and make people book appointments to see your brands. So, after struggling for a while, I think I have found the perfect recipe to be comfortable, yet to look great and ready to do your job amazingly well.

So I have compiled an easy to use ‘recipe’ outfit ready for any work emergency or struggle you may face as a PR, and comfortable and chic enough to not be afraid to get out of the office because you will be seen.

The items chosen are easy to find anywhere, and some of them I really think we should consider a sort of staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

So here are my picks:

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

#1 Cable Knit Sweater

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

I love Cable Knit sweaters, and this grey number is perfect to match with pretty much anything, it is soft and wonderful to wear and gives you enough warmth to resist even the nastiest persons at the end of the line.


#2 The Warby Parkers

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

These are added in case you need glasses as I do. Warby Parker is most certainly my favourite eyewear brand, and this is my personal obsessive shape as I find it very versatile and chic, plus it is easy to accessorize.

#3 Sam Edelman Kayla Suede Boots

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

I am in love with these boots. Pretty much everything Sam Edelman sells looks more than perfect, but these ones have just topped up my list of things to buy this year. A staple in your wardrobe, they elongate your legs and make you look perfect anytime you would wear them.

#4 The Double Pearl Necklace

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

Inspired by Chanel, this much much cheaper version of the double-pearl necklace is a nonconformist approach to statement jewellery. What is great at this necklace, is the fact that you can wear it in both day-to-day activities and in a more evening outfit without it losing its fashionable value.

#5 Colette Onasis Jeans

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

Yet another staple in any woman’s wardrobe, jeans have to fit you perfectly well. The market is immense, so I have picked the Colette Onasis jeans to showcase the idea behind this chic, yet comfortable outfit.

#6 Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

Every PR girl needs a watch to keep track of time and to be on top of everything, so what is better than a sleek designer watch at a rather affordable price? I would say nothing, and I am in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs number.


#7 Urban Outfitters Vegan Leather Reversible Bag

Editor's Choice #11: The Chic PR Girl

You can never leave the house without a bag, and I have found this reversible wonder that can be worn in multiple ways. It is perfect as it can fit your laptop inside in case you need to carry it around with you and it can fit everything you could possibly imagine besides your laptop to have all you need in case of any emergency.

Do you like my PR outfit ‘recipe’ idea? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget, sharing is caring.

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