Editor’s Choice #5: 5 Capes To Buy Right Now

//Editor’s Choice #5: 5 Capes To Buy Right Now
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Because the season of the capes arrived, I thought today’s Editor’s Choice edition should be all about these beautiful cover-ups. I’ve already wrote an entire article Ultimate 2014 Fall Cover-Up Trend: Capes and I’ve expressed my limitless sympathy in regards to them!


The cape is not something that really keeps you warm, but, in my opinion, represents the most sophisticated cover-up item of the fall. There are also dozens of ways to wear it and can be seen as a versatile piece.

#1: VALENTINO embroidered eagle cape

This statement cape gives you wings to fly. It is that kind of garment that you’ll want to keep forever in your wardrobe, believe me!

VALENTINO embroidered eagle cape

VALENTINO embroidered eagle cape

#2: Faux Fur Collar Grey Cape

Good for the environment and good for autumn! This casual beige cape can be worn on every sunny autumn day. It can be mixed with a cool pair of faux leather pants for a chic outfit! What do you say? Did i mention that is costs only $20.79?!

Faux Fur Collar Grey Cape

Faux Fur Collar Grey Cape

#3: JOSEPH tailored cape coat

Such a beautifully tailored cape! It is a bold green and the best part about it (my views of course) is the cashmere blend. I recommend it for a business woman, who knows her power of appearance.

JOSEPH tailored cape coat

JOSEPH tailored cape coat

#4: EMILIO PUCCI ‘Suzani’ jacquard cape

This autumn jewelry! If you really want to stand out with one of the most exquisite and extraordinary item of outwear, this is the best choice you will ever make! Definitely worth the investment!

EMILIO PUCCI 'Suzani' jacquard cape

EMILIO PUCCI ‘Suzani’ jacquard cape

#5: UTZON mink and fox fur cape

Another good choice for the animal lovers. You should own one to wear it with gowns and evening dresses.

UTZON mink and fox fur cape

UTZON mink and fox fur cape

Hope you enjoyed this week’s selection! Have a great week and don’t forget to have some fun!

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