Editor’s Choice #2: The Masculine Goddess

//Editor’s Choice #2: The Masculine Goddess
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Unleash your inner masculine goddess

This is our second edition of the Editor’s Choice article and it is my turn to come up with an outfit for you. My personal style is quite random most of the time, but something that I really love and a way in which I want to dress more, is the masculine gone feminine style that is quite popular these days.


I love Oxford shoes so this is the main reason why I chose this type of style for today’s Editor’s Choice. It is an outfit I would wear for my everyday school moments, but I love the fact that accessorizing it properly it looks chic and interesting, but at the same time very versatile. I have decided to keep it quite simple, for it to be classier, but at the same time fun, considering the message on the T-shirt and the color of the pants.

So here it is. Please tell us what you think about it in the comments below, and never forget, sharing is caring!

Editor's Choice #2: Masculine gone Feminine

1. Orla Kiely peony coloured pants- they are quite tailored, but give a very feminine approach to the outfit. They are not too edgy, and they match well with the shoes. I have chosen these specific pants, as they are my aspiration, that one day I will own them, as for the moment they are not easily affordable for a student budget.

2. Mango T-shirt- it has a funny message, and I love T-shirts with messages on them, it stands out, and in a rather simple outfit, the fact that it is cropped a bit gives this outfit the edge it deserves.

3. Dune Oxford Shoes- My favorite part of the outfit, the shoes… These are definitely my favorite pair. They are comfortable, I have them at home, if they were cheaper I would probably have several pairs of them and they are just the ideal leather goods item you would want to have in your wardrobe.


I have chosen these particular brands since Orla Kiely is something aspirational, and after seeing their presentation this year, I fell in love with the designs, while Mango and Dune are simply my go-to brands in terms of printed T-shirts, respectively leather shoes.

What do you think about the outfit?

Do you like it? What would you change about it?

Tell us in the comments below!

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