Dress Warm, Dress Well: 5 Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

//Dress Warm, Dress Well: 5 Winter Outfit Ideas for Women
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Winter can be an odd and confusing time for fashion. You want to look cute, but you’re not willing to freeze your nips off – or maybe you are, and more power to you!

But let’s be honest – it’s not only wise to rug up in winter, but it makes for a far more comfortable cold-weather season, whether you’re outdoors or in. And yes, there are plenty of ways to play with fashion during this time.

Here are five simple, chic, and versatile winter outfit ideas that you can easily mix and match throughout the season…

Simple and Stylish Winter Outfit Ideas For Your Everyday

The wintertime may not be your favorite for fashion, but this doesn’t mean that your style needs to sit on a shelf until spring. All you need is a little creativity and a few high-quality basics that you can mix and match throughout the season – check out COUPL for more.

Some of these basics include:

  • A black leather (or pleather) jacket
  • An over-sized cable-knit sweater or two
  • Leggings
  • Light-wash jeans, cropped jeans, or boyfriend jeans
  • A mini-skirt or a maxi skirt
  • A couple of turtlenecks
  • A heavy-duty coat
  • Ankle boots

Ultimately, the key to looking stylish and keeping warm in winter is layering. Here are a few outfit ideas that incorporate the above basics and the principle of layering:

1. Heavy Knit and Pleather Leggings

Whether they’re just plain black or black pleather, leggings are probably one of the most essential items to help you through winter. They are versatile and can be surprisingly warm.

A simple outfit idea that can easily take you from day to night is to pair black pleather leggings with an over-sized cable-knit sweater. Go for a neutral color sweater in cream or grey. For the day, finish off your outfit with white sneakers, and for the evening, pair with pointed-toe black ankle boots.

2. Maxi Skirt and Sweater Combo

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your skirts and maxi dresses should be banished to the back of your wardrobe. An on-trend way of wearing your maxi skirts in winter is to pair them with a chunky sweater and ankle boots.

You can even wear skin-colored tights underneath for extra warmth, and no one would know the difference! Otherwise, layer a thin, slim-fitting turtleneck underneath a maxi dress and accessorize with slouchy boots or sneakers.

3. Tribal Print Cardigan and Light-Wash Jeans

Add some color and texture to your wardrobe with a tribal print, knee-length cardigan which is perfect for layering over a simple outfit. A cardigan with a hood is an added bonus.

Essentially, the cardigan looks like a coat but is light enough to be worn during the day. Pair with your favorite light-wash skinny jeans, a simple white or grey long-sleeve underneath and ankle boots.

4. Turtleneck and Mini-Skirt

This is another super cute and versatile outfit to take from day to night. Simply pair a black, grey or beige turtleneck with a cheeky, flirty mini-skirt with some kind of print. To protect your legs, you can easily wear black tights underneath.

During the day, finish off your outfit with a simple pair of pumps. For the evening, finish it off with over-the-knee boots or pointed-toe ankle boots.

5. Pastel Trench Coat and Cropped Jeans

A high-quality, heavy-duty trench coat is an absolute must for winter. It’s yet another extremely versatile wardrobe staple.

For a low-key day-to-day outfit, throw on a pair of cropped jeans, a slim-fitting long sleeve, and your pretty pastel trench over the top. To add in a little pop of color, finish off the look with a vibrant, chunky scarf and your trusty ankle boots.

Style Your Way Through Winter

We hope these simple yet versatile winter outfit ideas have given you plenty of inspiration!

If you’re looking for a little more fashion, style, beauty or health advice, be sure to explore the rest of this website for more…

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