The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

//The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Styles
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On average, a newlywed couple will spend somewhere between $2000 and $2500 on hiring a wedding photographer to document their big day.

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to be sure every detail counts. Generations to come will cherish every memory in your wedding photos, from the flowers you carried to the light you were bathed in.

Knowing ahead of time which wedding photography styles you might want to incorporate into your photos can save you stress later on.

You’ll choose the right style and photographer for your needs, and ensure you don’t experience any post-wedding regret by following these style tips.


This style of photography is what comes to mind when one thinks of traditional wedding photos: posed and formal.

Classic photos feature wedding party lineups, smiles at the camera during key moments, and staged photo setups. Photographers often come with a list of standard, pre-planned shots to make sure no opportunity is missed. This will mean you’ll get the traditional photos that dutifully document all the big parts of your beautiful day.

Communicating with your photographer ahead of time to specify which poses you’ll want to include will make sure you end up with the traditional wedding photo album of your dreams.

Fine Art

If you’re looking to end up with a set of photos where you look like a model in a wedding magazine, the fine art style of wedding photography might be for you.

This style looks to draw on natural surroundings as well as the personalities of the bride and groom to create a photo that’s more like a work of art than a portrait. You’ll work with your photographer to create a series of poses that treat you and your groom as models in a larger work of art rather than subjects in a traditional portrait.

Most photos will likely be posed, but in a way that’s less obvious than in the classic style. Your photographer will likely manipulate objects and lighting to create a soft, dreamy atmosphere, and may have a hand in arranging people and things throughout your day in order to achieve the most artistic and beautiful photos.

The result will be breathtaking, individually tailored wedding photos that will help you to remember your day as being truly magical.


Unlike other wedding photography styles, the reportage style brings a more organic approach to your photos.

This is a journalistic type of photography that focuses more on capturing the moments that make your day perfect instead of setting them up. Your photographer will be snapping photos that capture emotions without manipulation and direction. They’ll be mingling among you and your guests to catch all the moments that make your day special.

The approach is that of a photojournalist rather than a portrait photographer. This will result in an authentic, candid visual documentation of your wedding day.

Being prepared will help you to make the best photography choices to remember the wedding of your dreams.

To learn more about enhancing any wedding photography style, check out our blog.

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