How To Choose A Dress For Both Formal And Casual Use

//How To Choose A Dress For Both Formal And Casual Use

How we dress is becoming increasingly important, whether it is to maintain a professional appearance at work or to look good in our personal lives. Many aspects of modern life are governed by a dress code, or at least an expectation around how someone should be dressed. While in principle this is a sensible idea, it can lead to people spending a lot of money on fashion so that they have suitable items for each occasion.

What can women do to navigate the challenging world of fashion, and know how to dress formal and casual?

#1. Consider What You Wear

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The easiest thing to do straight away is to think about what you already wear. What is in your wardrobe that can be worn in many different situations? The chances are that you will have the odd business suit or pair of jeans in there, which are obviously great for certain times but not so good for others.

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By far the best garment for women that can be worn easily for formal and casual occasions is a dress. Why a dress? Generally, it is because although dresses are traditionally linked with smarter and more professional looks, many are designed in such a way that they are perfect for wearing all of the time. You could even go so far to say that a dress is the perfect ‘neutral’ item for a woman to have in her wardrobe.

#2. Colour and Style

While we’re waxing lyrical about the advantages of wearing a dress, obviously you need to be careful what you buy if you want it to adopt a multi-purpose feel. Therefore, to ensure that your dress will always be suitable, opt for modest styles and sober colours. Kaftan dresses that cover the full length of your body, in addition to the arms, are often brilliant garments that bring together style, comfort, and function in one item.

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Clearly, if you have a penchant for bright dresses that are cut above the knee, these are going to be better for some occasions than others, but aren’t going to cut down on your overall spend when it comes to fashion.

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#3. How to Find Them

While many e-commerce sites and retailers will bill a dress as either formal or casual, you can use your known fashion and style know-how to decide which are suitable for both uses.

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Only you will know the styles that you look best and feel most comfortable in, so look out for these first and then think about whether they are appropriate for any occasion. One great way to do this is to envisage yourself at work and then heading out to meet friends or family immediately afterwards. If your dress can help you move seamlessly between one and the other, then you are onto a winner.

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