Chanel Haute Couture SS 2014

//Chanel Haute Couture SS 2014

It had them all: glamour, style, luxury. When I watched the show I didn’t know exactly on which planet am I anymore. All the design came like from the inside of a spaceship, a very rebellious one. On the magnificent music of Sébastien Tellier and his orchestra, Cara Delevingne started the catwalk. Of course I expected a fancy runaway taking into the consideration the grandiose stairs the models had to go down on. Instead. they started skipping in a very childish way which seemed almost like they were playing in the backyard. Cool attitude considering their shoes- Massaro sneakers! Yes, you’ve read correctly…even though the garments had the couture element, the shoes and the hair styling of the models were totally opposite from what we expected. As you will see in the photos above, this collection isn’t about something that you like or that you don’t like. What Lagerfeld wanted to convey (and he succeeded) was that fashion doesn’t follow any rules, any prototypes. This collection is about breaking boundaries, about intrigue.

I will let you enjoy the pictures: the models, the clothes and the rebellious-skatergirl version of any elegant garment you can imagine!






Simple cat-eye make-up with glitter












Beside the clean chromatic palette,the black garments also shined











My choice:


Stunning multicolor feather dress together with Massaro chic-sneakers. Would you dare?

All photos are courtesy of  Yannis Vlamos / for

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