Do you think yourself as a business woman wearing business women outfits? Working hard, striving and achieving success? Well, it’s about time that your outfit reflects your capabilities! Outfits speak for themselves as do their styling. A power ensemble not only provides you with that feel good motivation but gives you the confidence to strive! Now, I know going to work every day and finding an outfit that is equally stylish, on-trend and appropriate is a challenge. It becomes even more challenging when you are faced with outfit repeating, but however darlings, there are ways around this.

The most important thing to take away from perfecting your business women outfit is that your wardrobe for work and your wardrobe for off duty should be kept separate. This not only aids in making it easier to choose your clothes every night/morning but also separates two very important aspects of your life because although it’s important to work hard, it is equally important to play that little bit harder. After all, you’ve strived to achieve! 

Here, I’m going to provide you with five different business women outfits that can be interpreted in your very own way. By using key-statement wardrobe staples, you can always ensure that your business women outfit is always head to toe fabulous.

Business Women Outfits

#1 The Suit

business women suits


ASOS Premium Suit Blazer with Collar Detail

business women outfits


ASOS Tapered Texture Suit Pant

I know what you’re thinking! A suit? So boring, right? Shapeless, dull and predictable? Oh no darlings, that is not what I am talking about. The suit is the biggest power player of them all and instantly changes the way people interact and communicate with you! Instead of going for a long sleeve, boot cut trouser look it’s time to refresh and tailor this staple look to your own personal style.

  • Cropped trousers are a must –Exposed ankles with a pair of killer heels are perfection plus add length to your flawless pins.
  • Long suit jackets are okay but blazers are so much better- Think fitted and fabulous.
  • Forget the shirt– This sounds crazy right? Well, I am being completely serious. Blake Lively favourites the women suit with a deep v neck that stops right before the cleavage is exposed.

#2 Culottes

Women’s Rebecca Taylor Suiting Culottes

Culottes are one of my favourite trend pieces when it comes to business women outfits. Whilst their technique is fit and flare their overall presence is amazing providing they are complimented with divine accessories and a chic blouse or top.

  • There is no limit to colour- Whether red, purple, black, white or pink, culottes are a power piece and if you stick to a primary rule of wearing black or white on your top half you can take your colour palette to the extreme without deviating from being appropriate.
  • Strappy sandals– Pair with a barely-there sandals to create a super chic look. The best thing about barely-there sandals are you can get them in almost any colour and their presence is never too bold and vibrant for the workplace.

#3 Less Pencil And More A-line

Bonded Knit A-Line Skirt

ECI Brushstroke-Print A-Line Skirt

The pencil skirt is also another cliche business woman outfit piece, however, this idea is outdated. Pencil skirts are not for everyone (I find my legs are way too long to be able to wear a fitted skirt to my knees). Instead, we have seen the rise of the A-line.

The A-line skirt can be found in every single high street store going and in different variations of colour and texture. It is a lot more complimentary and flattering on anyone and provides you with a chance of showing your legs whether you opt for tights or not.

  • Texture- Suede is on trend right now and the A-line skirts found in stores such as Topshop and River Island are to die for. They also come in a variation of different colours so we need one of each right?
  • Heels aren’t always a go to– I LOVE to wear heels but sometimes you need a day off. A-line skirts can be paired with almost any type of shoe (forget the trainer unless we are opting for the Chanel supermarket trend).

#4 The Shift Dress

Lattice Back Paisley Shift Dress

Women’s Short Sleeve Keyhole Shift Dress

This is my absolute favourite go-to piece when creating my perfect business women outfit. There is nothing more perfect than presenting your powerful and confident self-wearing a fitted dress and a pair of your highest heels. Once again these range in texture, colour and quality. These dresses often sit just above your knee and be dressed both down or up.

  • Keep it minimal– Let the dress do the talking. The shift dress itself really needs no explanation with bold jackets and over accessorising.
  • Dress down Fridays?– Don’t let your business look go but instead tweak it. Why not try some knee high boots instead of stilettos?

#5 Coat Perfection

EXPRESS Womens Suiting Crepe Flyaway Jacket

boohoo Delilah Longline Tailored Coat

We all dream of being like Blair Waldorf and having a new coat for every day but realistically this is just a distant dream. A coat creates an ensemble. When it’s the middle of Winter or a rainy Autumn day and your outfit is covered it is your coat that people will remember. There are many variations of coat and jacket that are appropriate for business wear. My favourites are the blazer (for sunnier days) and a trend coat for those Autumn drizzles.

  • Charming capes– Capes are still all the rage and are a piece that I find myself buying time and time again. They range from light cover-ups to actual jackets with many of the high street stores being inspired by the runways such as Burberry.
  • You can never have too many– no explanation needed.

Darlings, I have provided you with a few tips on business women outfits but the most important one I can give you is to be yourself. You want to feel confident and powerful but in your own right meaning you also need to feel comfortable even when trying to look chic. As we all know the outfit does the talking and when it comes to business things get serious, but serious shouldn’t mean boring! 

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Feature photo: Asos

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