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  • Matching Jewelry with Your Outfit

Did you know that the oldest jewelry dates back to about 130,000 years ago?

Jewelry enhances the appeal of your outfit and makes you easily stand out from the crowd. Accessorizing your outfits is a sure way to spice up your wardrobe without spending too much money. 

However, matching jewelry to your outfit can prove to be a daunting task that may result in questionable fashion choices.

Consider these eight top tips when choosing jewelry for different outfits.

1. Accessorizing for the Occasion

Your choice of jewelry depends on the occasion you’re accessorizing for. Overdressing or underdressing can make you feel uncomfortable and out of place. You should know how to style jewelry for different occasions such as work, church, or cocktail parties.

For a formal or cocktail event, ensure your jewelry is elegant. Wearing gemstones and diamonds to complement your stylish evening gown is a surefire way to stand out.

Whether you work in an office, hospital or school, choose simple jewelry pieces such as stud earrings, chain bracelets, single bangles, small pendants, and small hoops. Forgo hanging bracelets and dandling bangles if your work entails a lot of typing – your jewelry shouldn’t be distracting.

2. Deciding on Your Centerpiece

Accessorize your outfit by building around a single piece of jewelry like earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring. This piece should be the focal point of the outfit and all other pieces should be subtle. Statement necklaces and chandelier earrings can work as great centerpieces for your outfit.

If use your earrings as the centerpiece, wear a simple bracelet to complement it and skip the necklace. On the other hand, if your necklace is the focal point of your look, wear simple stud earrings and minimal bracelets or rings.

Your bracelet or watch could also be your centerpiece. In this case, don’t pair them with jewelry that will out-shine them.

3. Choosing the Appropriate Scale

The size of your jewelry should match your outfit choices. Jewelry that is too small for the outfit will go unnoticed. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it’ll look sloppy and chunky.

If you love a busy print on your outfit, a small simple jewelry piece will be perfect. However, if you’re wearing simple patterns and cuts like black denim paired with a fitting white top, you’ll need chunky jewelry like thick bangle bracelets.

You can also pair simple outfits with simple jewelry if you’re going for a formal or conservative look.

4. Matching Jewelry with Your Skin Tone

Jewelry should not only match your outfit but also your skin tone. Cool skin tones go well with purple, blue, and red gemstones. They also blend perfectly with golden and silver sterling jewelry

Warm skin tones look best with shades of orange, green, and yellow. Stones such as moonstone and emerald will perfectly highlight your skin tone for a flawless look. Yellow gold, rose gold, and copper jewelry will also look good against your skin.

Diamond jewelry looks ravishing no matter your skin tone. In fact, they’re the most versatile jewelry since they pair well with most outfits.

5. Selecting the Right Color of Your Outfit

When picking out jewelry to go with your outfit, consider colors that complement each other on the color wheel. Try to coordinate black or gold jewelry with classic and simple attires for a powerful fashion statement.

You can also pair neutral colored outfits with colorful jewelry for a stylish look. 

For instance, your little black dress will go well with onyx gemstones or bright golden jewelry. A simple, plain white dress will pair perfectly with metal-like gold jewelry and black gems. A piece of metal jewelry is your safest bet if you’re unsure of your outfit color choices.

6. Considering Your Neckline

Enhance your outfit by choosing a necklace that complements the neckline of your outfit. The necklace should not be too visible to overpower your overall look. Wearing the wrong necklace can be distracting and also make the outfit look unbalanced.

When it comes to necklace options, a V-neckline outfit is the most versatile choice. This neckline can accommodate chokers, pendants, and chains. Layered necklaces also complement deep V-necks perfectly.

Turtlenecks are best paired with long necklaces. Wear short hoops or studs and pair them with a bracelet if you forgo the necklace.

Crew neck cut clothing look good with layered and statement necklaces. If you’ll not be wearing your necklace, make sure you have statement earrings or chunky cuffs on. Check out this article to learn more about popular earring styles that’ll complete your outfit. 

7. Defining Your Personal Style

Don’t be a slave to what’s trendy!

Try to evolve your fashion sense by figuring out what works best for you and makes you feel confident. This is how fashion trends are made.

Your personal style should be the greatest rule when accessorizing. So, choose jewelry that allows you to express your personality. If you look good mixing your gold earrings with a silver bracelet, then break the rules!

Dressing up shouldn’t feel like a chore. Have fun creating different looks until you find what suits you best.

8. Considering Your Frame

Choose jewelry depending on your body type, bust size, and height.

If you have a small frame, complement it with dainty and thin jewelry. For instance, if you’re 5.4 feet tall, wear necklaces that sit above your collarbone. As a rule of thumb, the smaller your frame, the thinner your jewelry should be.

On the other hand, thin jewelry may get lost in your overall look if you have a larger frame. You should, therefore, consider chunkier jewelry which will stand out better.

Stand Out With the Right Jewelry

With the above jewelry tips, matching jewelry to your outfit shouldn’t be hustle anymore. Besides looking good, they’ll also help you significantly reduce your preparation time.

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