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Your very first designer bag shouldn’t make you broke. Regardless of your budget or age, buying anything that’s designer can feel daunting.

We’re here to help with seven tips on how to buy that brand name bag you will use and love for years to come. 

1. A Brand Name Bag Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune 

You can get an amazing top-tier designer brand for under a thousand dollars. It’s all about how you shop. Once you do a good search, you will find that there are many amazing options for not a ton of money from just about any designer label. 

Of course, the less expensive bag will likely be a simple tote, but at least these bags serve many functions. You can make your designer bag even more functional and keep your electronics safe by adding a faraday bag inside. 

2. You Don’t Have to Get the Most Expensive Bag

When you buy a designer bag, you’re buying the quality promised in the label. That quality will exist at any price point, so you don’t have to go all the way, especially when buying your first designer bag. 

The most classic bags like the Dior Lady Dior or the Chanel Classic Flap are priced at mid-four figures. This means they’re either budgetary impossible for new bag lovers. This also means these bags are too much if a financial commitment for a shopper who is still deciding if they want to buy a designer bag, even if they have that money. 

So don’t get hung up on a designer bag that seems impossible to find. Instead, shop around, try out other bags and work your way up to your dream bag. This will help you find if spending all this money on a bag in the future is what you want to do.

3. Go Ahead, Buy a Trendy Bag 

If there’s a trend that you really love, there is no harm in indulging. Sure, you might have been raised on the advice to only spend money on pieces that are classic and sophisticated, but you’re an adult now and you can make your own rules. 

If you’re the kind of person whose style is very subdued and classic. Maybe you work in a conservative setting, then yes, you may only be able to carry around a neutral Bottega Veneta bag every day to the office.

But if you love all things colorful, trendy and embellished and your style and life reflect that, why not go all out with a trendy designer bag that oozes personality as you do. 

Fashion should always be an investment in your own happiness. If a bag sparks joy now, and later might be able to sell it or hand it down to a loved one, then get that bag. What matters most when buying anything really, is how you feel when you carry it.

4. Focus on Usability 

You should also consider how much you see yourself using your perspective designer bag. This is key especially if you are someone who finds spending money nerve-wracking. You will want to make sure that your designer bag is something that you use often, be it a practical neutral roomy tote, or a fun weekend bag. 

When you think about how often you’ll use your designer bag, it becomes more of an investment and this can alleviate some anxiety you might be feeling. At the end of the day, you are really the only person who knows how much you will use your new bag, so trust your gut. 

5. Consider Pre-Owned Bags

Shopping second hand or consignment is a great way to no only be environmentally friendly, but also to snag a fantastic deal. Often the standards of what a consignment store buys from sellers are so incredibly high, that your second-hand bag will practically look new. 

Check out websites like eBay which still has an incredible selection of designer bags. Or check out new websites like The Real Real or Verstiaire Collective that are focused on reselling only the best of other people’s closets.  

The best part about shopping second hand, is usually you can carry around the bag for a couple of months. If you don’t love it there’s a good chance you can sell it back, as long as you keep the bag in good shape. 

6. Know the Return Policies

Buyer’s remorse is common, especially with large purchases and investments. This is why you should always know and feel comfortable about the return policy on a designer bag before you buy it. Make sure the retailer’s return policy is documented and you know the time frame you have to keep to get your money back.

When you know that a costly decision can be undone if you change your mind, might make you feel more confident about your big purchase. Hopefully, this alleviates the buyer’s remorse before it begins. 

7. Trust Your Gut

Know and accept that there is no perfect choice when shopping for a designer handbag. Your personal preference is everything when it comes to tracking down that perfect tote.

But also, listen to your instincts. If something really bothers you about a bag, it might not be the right one. If that flaw isn’t enough to offset other things you like about the bag, then try to not worry about it. 

Once you get used to using the bag, you probably won’t notice that tiny issue with the bag anymore. Also, try not to be swayed by other people like pushy sales associates who want you to buy or just buy something that costs a ton of money so they can make their commission.  At the end of the day, what matters most is how you feel about your bag. 

Buy That Designer Bag

Now that you know the seven things to keep in mind when buying a brand name bag, it’s time to start shopping. Remember the most important thing when buying a designer bag is making sure you love the bag and that it fits in with your style and life.

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