Boyfriend Makeover: How to Improve Your Man’s Style

//Boyfriend Makeover: How to Improve Your Man’s Style
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You love your guy for all the things he is to you. He’s the best, right?

He just may not the best dresser – endlessly pairing a suit coat with ill-fitting jeans and that ratty college t-shirt from which he can’t seem to part. Or even worse, sweats.


Sounds like he’s definitely in need of a boyfriend makeover. But how is a girl to succeed at such a huge undertaking without making him feel inadequate?

Let’s take a look at what you can do.

How to Approach the Boyfriend Makeover

To be clear, you can’t just dive right in and start dressing him. Even if he tolerates it for a little bit, he’ll eventually resent it.

After all, he’s not a mannequin.

So here are some surefire ways to teach your guy how to dress better without him feeling like he’s being criticized.

1. Match His Personality

And not yours.

This isn’t about you. Okay, well, it’s a little about you. But it’s way more about him. So keep this mind when you’re embarking on this makeover.

For example, let’s say your guy is a lawyer or financier, but you’re more the artist type. You’re drawn to bright colors and cool patterns – something you’d like to see him sport. But, you’ll probably come up with some resistance to this.

That’s not his personality. And you’re not trying to change him into something he’s not. (Which we all know, never works.)

So think of this makeover as more of a team effort. Take his personality and blend it with your fashion know-how to create the perfect style. In other words, consider how to reflect his inward personality with his outer style.

Chances are, the result will fall somewhere in the middle of the fashion spectrum. But you’ll have a stylish man who’s wearing the clothes, rather than a guy who’s letting clothes wear him.

2. Take Him on Excursions

This is where the strategizing begins.

You can go out and start looking for clothes that you think he’ll really like. And when you find something, bring it home and stick it in his closet.

But rather than always buying something that strikes you, consider occasionally bringing him to the clothes instead.

You could start by planning a shopping trip to get some new sunglasses. Then encourage your boyfriend to try some on as well. You might be surprised by what he likes when given the freedom to be adventurous.

This can then extend to additional collaborative excursions where you graduate to shirts, pants, jackets, etc. Take note of what he fancies, then surprise him by inserting them into his wardrobe slowly and over time.

Using this strategy also lessens the likelihood of you “mommying” him by just picking out his clothes for him. you definitely don’t want that association.

Give Him Options

Some men think that looking good only comes at a steep price. And, this may explain why your boyfriend has essentially given up.

This is your opportunity to clear up this misconception.

Prove to him that a new wardrobe doesn’t mean giving up your firstborn. Give him some fashionable, yet budget-friendly options you’re sure he’ll like.

If you want your boyfriend to dress nicer, then get him to see the guy that you see and love so much. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that this wardrobe makeover succeeds.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Basically, pay attention to the details. Because there’s a good chance he won’t.

Once you’ve got your guy comfortable with the bigger essentials, then turn his eye toward the smaller things. Pay attention to details like pocket squares, tie bars, suit jacket cuffs, buttons and collar pins.

This is the male version of accessorizing, although on a much more subtle level than how women accessorize. Still, these accessories are what will ultimately round out his look and give it individual flair.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Your boyfriend loves you. He chose you above all others. So it’s likely that he wants to make you happy.

But when it comes to his wardrobe, he just doesn’t know how. What makes it even more difficult is if he’s often hearing what a messy dresser he is. That’s only bringing him down.

That’s why it’s important to frame things with praise and understanding. When he finds something he likes – whether it’s a stylish shirt, a sleek jacket, or even mens thong underwear – let him know how much you like it too. Tell him how great he looks.

Not only will this strengthen his self-esteem, but it’s good for your relationship too.

Eventually, this positive reinforcement will make his mind correlate his wearing certain clothes with your pleasure. And just as you dress sexy for him, he’ll feel more motivated to keep dressing stylishly if he recognizes it makes him more attractive to you.

He wants to make you happy. So be sure to let him know when he does!

Remember to Be Patient

Slow and steady wins the race.

Even if your boyfriend says he’s “super ready” to get his wardrobe overhauled, there are going to be times when he may not really want to be a part of it. And he’s more than likely not going to respond well if you keep telling him what to do.

Sure, it’s going to be tempting to tear through his closet and deposit that ratty college T-shirt with all of his other clothes into a huge garbage bag. But don’t.

You need to give him this style makeover with patience and tact.

Introduce new articles of clothing a little at a time. And get rid of those old articles in the same manner.

Finally, as we said earlier, be sure the new clothes match his personality. Because if he’s in some get-up of your making that doesn’t fit his own style, all the positive reinforcement in the world isn’t going to make him want to wear it.

And you can be sure you’ll be seeing that ratty t-shirt again.

Give Your Guy Some Style

If your guy needs a boyfriend makeover for his wardrobe, he may not even be aware of it. So get in there and help him!

And for more great tips and articles on style, for you and for your guy, keep checking back!

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