The BEST Fashion Editorials of 2014

//The BEST Fashion Editorials of 2014

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colours, faces, images, ideas or people and we find ourselves hit in the face, seldom, by imagination. If ours, for the better- if somebody else’s, yet another reason to gossip or admire. Not everybody is an avid for fashion, as not everybody knows all the details of a car- but everybody enjoys seeing beautiful girls dressed amazingly, in breath taking poses and pictures, as everybody dreams of having all the hot cars of which they know no details at all. Is the commercial purpose in the end, I understand, but there is more to the core of it- you just have to give it a drop of interest!

Editorials, in my vision, gather all the best in the fashion industry- and not only. Imagination at it’s peak, acknowledges the beauty and creates stories!

Even if more than often editorials are shot in a blank, indoor space-such as a studio- with focus only on the model’s features and the designer’s creations, there are times when the set is outdoors and there are more elements that you have to work with and that the audience can admire. Year by year we have a trending model, a given colour, a favourite photographer or designer, a favourite magazine and here we present to you all of these, embodied in the winner editorials of the amazing past year.

I have chosen editorials for each part of the year, as we have two for spring, two from summer editions, two for fall, three for winter and a cherry on top, that I keep it as my favourite- Sasha Pivorarova in Call of the Wild for Vogue US in September. Now, scroll down and enjoy!

Spring Editions

Wonderfully Wild

The year started in Italy, with the March issue of Vogue. The wildlife takes the set, but the strength in Saskia de Brauw’s poses makes you feel secure and not at all frightened by the ferocious animals around her. Frank J. Zitz & Company does an amazing job with the stuffed animals and the set design by Mary Howard is amazingly WILD! 

Saskia de Brauw for Vogue Italia March 2014 Model Saskia de Brauw; Photographed by Steven Meisel; Fashion Editor Marie-Amélie Sauvé; Hair Guido Palau; Makeup Path McGrath.

 Opulence à la Marie Antoinette

“Nobody does it like the French do it” is not the best thing to say here, given the fact that we find this amazing editorial in the april issue of Vogue Germany, with Italian Haute Couture creations by Dolce&Gabbana, shot by Luigi Mureno and his partner, Iango. Is mesmerizing the model’s purity and the floral architecture of the dresses, in antithesis with the weirdness of the hairstyling and the stormy background. It definitely won us over and deserves its place in our choices!

Opulence a la Marie AntoinetteWearing Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda;Photographer Luigi + Iango, Stylist Patti Wilson.


Summer Editions

Natural Beauty

A relaxing day of summer spent in the presence of flawless Chanel Iman, all in an ambient that looks like the streets of Cuba. There is almost no make up in these shots and the model rocks the set with her amazing dark coloured skin. We have Prada, Elie Saab, Dolce&Gabbana, Proenza Schouler and others of which amazing dresses are worn in this editorial, everything shot by talented Alexander Neumann. Presented to us in Harper’s Bazaar Russia, edition of June 2014, we remember it and take it to the top of our favourites!

harper's bazaar 2014 editorial december issueModel Chanel ImanPhotographer Alexander Neumann; Fashion Editor Almudena Guerra; Hair Nicolas Eldin; Make-up Yacine Diallo.

Hot Bets of Summer

The summer looks are here and they comes with sequins and embroidery, in different shades of blue and special ethnic artwork. Last summer’s creations were trully amazing and totally wearable! We have Marie Claire‘s Brazilian August issue and we delight our eyes with the latin personality of Marcelia Freesz. There is no better way of seeing summer than through a brazilian’s eyes I would say, putting this editorial next to our other favourites.

marie claire december 2014 editorialModel Marcelia Freesz; Photographer Fabio Bartelt; Stylist Paulo Martinez; Hair and make-up Teo Miranda.

Fall Editions

La Canzone del Mare

Is not that I am obsessed with Italy, but I am obsessed with Italia! Even though we have my almost favourite editorial of 2014 released in the October issue of Vogue Japan, the story of it makes you want to cry if you live in a more winter orientated zone… because in Italy they still have SUMMER in October! 

vogue japan december 2014 editorialModels Nadja Bender, Kinga Rajzak, & Dalianah Arekion; Photographer: Boo George; Stylist: Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia.

Keira Knightley as The Heroine

Feminism was always a thing that famous female actresses stood up for. We have here Keira Knightley for The Edit Magazine that tries to make a point in a strong editorial. With feminine long silky and floral dresses, in an ambient touched visibly by time, the beautiful actress reveals its strongest yet warmest angles and mesmerizes the eye of the viewer. Always appreciated “the model” in her!

keira knightely december 2014 edit magazine editorialModel Keira Knightley; Photographer David Bellemere; Stylist: Natalie Brewster.


 Double everything

I am not a convinced user of furs– even though I like to see a beautiful creation, I can not convince my brain to let me wear one. This was a thing last year anyways, so we have editorials that comprise furs or that have the focus on them. The colours helped too in choosing this editorial among the other winners, with the joy that the overall picture gives while watching. It is double, so Fashion Magazine gave as in October of last year the model and the sketch behind it! These are the best furs of the last season!

Fashion Magazine demeber 2014 editorialModel Kelly Mittendorf; Photographer Chris Nicholls; Illustrations Jamie Lee Reardin; Styled Zeina Esmail.

Winter Editions

Ice and Fire

This is one hot model! Ana Beatriz Barros embodies the ice skater in every man’s dream and does it with style and fur on her shoulders. It was an editorial on how to wear fur this winter, so we can keep take advantage on the tips. With lingerie by Intimissimi and creations from Ralph Lauren and Sonia Rykiel, the set heats up by the warmth in Ana’s eyes. Glamour Russia did a great job!

glamour russia december 2014  editorial Model Ana Beatriz Barros; Photographer Nikolay Biryukov; Stylist Katya Klimova; Hair Keiichiro Hirano; Make-up Ruby Hammer.

An Iceland Fairytale

We got to one of my favs ladies and gents! Grazia Germany gives us in December 2014 this fantasy story from the foggy, yet amazing IcelandWe have movie like landscapes and breathtaking creations in a dreamy atmosphere that just makes me feel calm and relaxed. I see no other way of closing the year than with this editorial!

grazia december 2014 editorialModel Ilva Heitmann; Photographer Elizabeth Toll; Stylist Birgit Schlotterbeck; Beauty Thorstein Weiss.

SPECIAL Editorial is #Vogue and #awesome !

Keeping it short on words, I give you the people’s choice! Call of the wild is one of the most acclaimed editorial of 2014, published in the September issue of Vogue US. Model Sasha Pivorarova was styled by Tabitha Simmons and was beautifully photographed by Mikael Jansson. We must give credit to the amazing puppies as well! Enjoy now great blue eyes, furs, blonde hair and winter feelings!


 Call of the wild  Vogue us

 Call of the wild  Vogue us

 Call of the wild  Vogue us

I hope you loved my choices for last year’s Best Editorials and I invite you to Like & Share as long as you agree with me!

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